How To Remove Intel Menu (Graphics Properties, Graphics Options, & Intel TV Wizard) From Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu

Users who have been running Windows 7 on PCs with Intel graphics might have already asked this question themselves. If you are confused with the title, when you install Intel Graphics Media Accelerator for Windows 7, it adds three options to the Windows 7 desktop context menu (right-click menu): Graphics Properties, Graphics Options, and Intel (R) TV Wizard.

Windows 7 desktop context menu

Since many of us use these options once in a blue moon, removing these options will make the context menu leaner and cleaner. But if you open Intel Graphics Properties, you will not be able to see any option that lets you remove these three options from the desktop context-menu.

After searching in Windows registry for a while, we have come up with a simple solution using which one can easily remove these options. To remove Intel Graphics Properties, Graphics Options, and Intel (R) TV Wizard entries from Windows 7 desktop context-menu follow the simple steps given below:

1. Type regedit in Start menu search field and hit enter to see Windows Registry Editor.

2. Navigate to the following key:


3. Under ContextMenuHandlers, delete the key named igfxcui.

Remove Intel Menu from Windows 7 desktop context menu

4. Close the registry editor. You should be able to see the changes instantly.

5. That’s it.

If you don’t like to play with Windows Registry, just follow the following procedure:

1. Download the registry file from here.

2. Double-click on the file, click yes, and select ok.

registry editor

3. You should be able to see the changes now.

4. That’s all.

Note that this registry simply removes the igfxcui entry from the Windows registry.



  1. Mang says

    Thanks for the tips. It help me remove my doubt.
    And for those of you who think might want to add the option again after removing it from the registry, make sure you EXPORT and save the menu/option you are about to remove. This is a way of making backup .reg copy.

  2. vali says

    Thank you so much.
    From all the help online this was very precise, easy to understand and fast.

  3. Dung Nguyen Ba says

    I removed igfxDTCM and igfxgui and now my right-click mouse very faster. Tks u bro!

    Windows 8.1 64-bit Professional activated.

  4. Shubham Bangad says

    Its the actual thing I was searching for days and days. At last i got it here. Thanx thanx a lot for such simple yet most useful trick.

  5. Vincent says

    Worked well for me too. (win 8.1/64 pro)

    But what is Intel thinking? No check box to disable this useless menu item… poor software design.


    Exactly. Worked for me too, Windows 8.1 pro, 64 bit. Beware that if you upgrade the software/driver, Intel registers that key again.

  6. George says

    Worked well for me too. (win 8.1/64 pro)

    But what is Intel thinking? No check box to disable this useless menu item… poor software design.


  7. Steven says

    It worked like a charm and now the context menu loads up instantly rather than with a 10 second delay! If you also see “igfxOSP” and “igfxDTCM” then remove them like others have said.

  8. Tony says

    Yes, Bob is absolutely correct. That thing only got out of my Context menu once I deleted igfxDTCM after igfxcui removal didn’t change anything in my system windows 8.1 64 bit.
    Thank you Admin and Bob.

  9. Bob says

    For anyone using Win 8.1 you should delete igfxDTCM if you have it rather than igfxcui. That worked for me.

  10. Amit Pathak says

    Hi, how to restore igfxcui, so that i can see my graphic properties again. Kindly tell me.

  11. Amit Pathak says

    Hey, I want to restore the graphic properties option. So, what is the way to do it. Right now I am not able to see these options on right click at my desktop, so do I need to restore iugfxi. If yes, then how??

  12. Gordon says

    The March update requires the following keys to be deleted if you do not want the desktop context menu.


  13. Mirko says

    Did not work for me under Windows 7 64bit Enterprise (latest updates). I did already use the Intel .reg patch so that may be why….

    I did find the following entries at the mentioned registry path. “igfxOSP” and “igfxDTCM”, deleted them and the Intel crap is gone.

  14. firas says


  15. julian says

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH! As u say not only it makes the context menu leaner and cleaner but much more important FASTER! So thanks!

  16. Carl says

    Tried this on a Windows 7 PC and it removes from the registry as shown but the icon is still in the system tray and I’m still able to access the menu. I’m needing for the same reason as Sean, to stop pupils getting around display group policies. Any ideas?

  17. Jose luis says

    really good, 1000000 thanks; i has delay problems with the intel desktop menu contect and with this patch i solve this… thx!!!

  18. Sean says

    AWESOME!!! I hate that menu because it allows users to get around group policies for display settings

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