How To Repair Windows 7 Startup Issues Without Installation Media

Repairing a corrupt Windows installation is always a difficult task for beginners especially when you are not able to boot into Windows. Even though one can always use the Windows 7 installation media to boot into Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) to fix startup problems, it’s also possible to repair Windows 7 boot issues without any installation media.

Repair Windows 7 Without Installation Media'

Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 7 automatically installs the Startup Repair tool onto the operating system partition, so that the user can access diagnostic tools without the help of installation media.

By default, after an unsuccessful boot, Windows 7 automatically loads up the startup repair tool and tries to rectify the problem, if possible. If you can’t see Windows 7 automatically loading startup repair after the unsuccessful boot, you can manually run the startup repair tool without the installation media.

Here is how to run Startup Repair tool without installation media:

1. Power on the machine and press F8 key to see Windows Error Recovery menu.

2.Select Launch Startup Repair option and hit Enter key to run the startup repair tool.

Repair Windows 7 Without Installation DVD

3. Startup Repair tool tries to automatically fix the problem. And, if it couldn’t find an issue or solve the issue, it offers you the various advanced options available for system recovery and support.

Repair Windows 7 Without Installation Media Step 2

4. There are many advanced tools present in the Recovery Environment to help you fix boot issues. Command Prompt, System Restore, System Image Restore, Windows Memory Diagnostic are some the tools available to fix your system issues.

System Recovery Options

5. Follow our how to use advanced system recovery tools to repair Windows 7 boot problems guide to know more about these advanced options. Good luck!



  1. Oj says

    It failed to repair and the system restore won’t work.. How can I fix a failed start-up in windows 7.. really need help

  2. Jorge says

    When I get to Launch Startup Repair (recomended)
    I get a message that says something like this:
    1 inseret windows cd
    3 Press enter and repair will begin
    If you dont have the disc ask your sys admin…
    The launch option can no go on because there is a part missing…
    🙁 Any ideas?

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