How To Perform Right-Click On Windows 8 Tablet

So you just installed Windows 8 on a tablet, you also installed all necessary drivers and now you are looking to change the default theme pack, sound, and screen saver. To do this, you want to open Personalization window by right-clicking on desktop and suddenly a question pops-up in your mind. The question is, how to perform a right-click on touch-screen?

Or may be you want to send a music file from your tablet to a USB flash drive by right-clicking on the file and then sleeting Send to option. The how to do right-click on touch-screen pops-up again.

Users who are exploring Windows 8 on tablets for the very first time will certainly take the help of search engines to perform the first right-click. Right-clicking on a Windows tablet is pretty easy actually!

Just touch the screen where you want to do a right-click, hold until a small animated box appears (see the picture below) and then lift your finger to see the context menu (right-click menu). For instance, touch the Recycle Bin icon and hold until the animated box appears and then release your finger to perform the right-click action on Recycle Bin.

Enable or Disable Right Click In Windows 8 Tablet Step7

If the above method is not working for you, it could be because the right-click option is disabled in Control Panel. To enable right-click, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Switch to Start screen and tap on Control Panel (PC Settings) icon to open Metro Control Panel.

Enable or Disable Right Click In Windows 8 Tablet

Step 2: Here, tap on More settings to open the old Control Panel.

Enable or Disable Right Click In Windows 8 Tablet Step3

Step 3: In the Control Panel, tap on Hardware and Sound and then tap on Pen and Touch to open Pen and Touch Properties dialog.

Enable Or Disable Right Click In Windows 8 Step5

Enable or Disable Rigth Click In Windows 8

Step 4: Here, under Touch tab, select Press and hold and then tap on Settings to open its properties.

Right Clic In Windows 8

Step 5: Tick Enable press and hold for right-clicking option. Tap on OK and then tap on Apply button to enable right-click feature in Windows 8.

Right Click On Windows 8 Tablet

Windows 8 also offers two useful options to personalize the right-click (touch and hold)behavior. In Press and Hold Settings dialog, you can change the amount of time you must press and hold before you can perform a right-click, and also the amount of time during press and hold to perform a right-click action. After modifying the default settings, you can use the Press and hold test option to see if the new settings are working fine or not.



  1. lou g says

    The “manual” that came with the windows 8 tablet doesn’t have all these items mentioned. This was the first item in the search results. I don’t need to search any more. Thanks!

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