How To View And Backup Saved Passwords In Internet Explorer 9

Last week, we covered how to backup usernames and passwords stored in Google Chrome browser using ChromePass tool. Since the browser market leader, Internet Explorer, doesn’t have an option to backup saved credentials, we are here to share a free tool with you. 

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Logo

IE PassView is a tiny standalone tool from the makers of ChromePass tool. The free tool lets you view and backup all usernames and passwords saved in Internet Explorer browser with a few mouse clicks.

View and Backup Saved Passwords In Internet Explorer 9

Using this tool is very simple. Download and run the portable tool to view all passwords. Select usernames and passwords that you want to backup and then click Save selected items button (found in toolbar) to save them in HTML, XML, or Text file format.


Of course, you can delete credentials stored for one or more sites using this tool. Also check out how to prevent a user from changing logon password in Windows 7.


Download IE PassView tool



  1. albsurfe says

    PASSVIEW does not work. I only see ONE account & pwd. It will not obtain any more even after re-selecting the correct user account, logged in as that user.

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