How To Install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) In Windows 8

It’s a well known fact that Microsoft has introduced its popular security software Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) as Windows Defender in Windows 8. The Defender in Windows 8 is pretty good and provides protection against viruses and malware in real time.

Even though one can easily install third-party security software such as Kaspersky, Bit defender, or Avast antivirus in Windows 8 without a problem but you can’t install Microsoft Security Essentials. When you install a third-party security software, Windows Defender backs off quietly but when you attempt to install Microsoft Security Essentials you receive an error.

Install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 8

When you run the MSE setup in Windows 8, you receive “You don’t need to install Microsoft Security Essentials. Your version of Windows includes an updated version of Windows Defender that provides the same level of protection as Microsoft Security Essentials, along with other significant improvements” message.

Install Microsoft Security Essentials In Windows 8 Picture

Users who have closely check the Windows Defender in Windows 8 with Microsoft Security Essentials available for Windows 7 must be knowing that the not all the features of MSE are available in Defender. For instance, when running MSE, we could right-click on a file or folder and click Scan with Microsoft Security Essentials to scan the file/folder for viruses and malware. But the Windows Defender in Windows 8 doesn’t allow you do this and we believe network inspection system is missing in Defender.

Windows 8 users who love Microsoft Security Essentials may follow the given the below workaround to install the same in Windows 8.

Step 1: Download Microsoft Security Essentials v4.0.1512 Beta on your Windows 8 PC (make sure you download v4.0.1512). Note that v4.0.1512 isn’t the latest version but it’s the only version that can be installed in Windows 8. Because of this, you won’t be able to download this version from Microsoft website. Search for the same on Google do find the installer.

Please note that Microsoft Security Essentials v4.0.1512 (4.0.1111.0) includes all the features of the latest version and can be updated with the newest antivirus definition (see pictures).

Install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 8 Guide1

Install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 8 Guide2

Step 2: Right-click on the installer and click Properties. Switch to Compatibility tab, tick Run this program in compatibility mode for checkbox and then select Windows 7 from drop down list. Finally click Apply button.

Install Microsoft Security Essentials

Step 3: Now run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. You are done! Good luck!



  1. usmangujjar says

    i installed the earlier version. you can define how to install latest version of MSE on windows 8????
    thanks in advance.

  2. loanshark21 says

    as of today jan.1st 2013 there are no links (to my knowledge)that provide a download for the above mention version of mse . will look for alternative for mse .
    win. defender for win8 should of never had happen.

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