Installing Office 2010 RTM

As we reported earlier, Microsoft Office 2010 RTM has been released and is now available for purchase. Office 2010 packs-in a host of new features and sports an enhanced user interface.

Microsoft Office 2010 logo

Installing Office 2010 is simple and is pretty much similar to Office 2007 installation procedure. Users who are switching from Office 2007 will definitely enjoy the improved UI and added features in the latest version of Office.

Before you begin installing Office 2010, please make sure that your PC meets the minimum system requirements of Office 2010:

  • 5oo MHz or higher processor
  • 256 MB of RAM; 512 MB recommended
  • 3.5 GB of minimum disk space
  • Windows XP SP3 (supports only 32-bit Office), Vista SP1, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2008

Note that 1 GHz processor is required to run Outlook with Business Contact Manager.

If your PC meets the minimum requiremetns, complete the below mentioned steps to successfully install Office 2010 on your PC.

Step 1: Insert Office 2010 CD/DVD into the optical drive. If the the Office setup doesn’t start automatically, open My Computer, double-click on CD/DVD drive and then double-click on Setup.exe file to kick-start the installation.

Step 2: Enter the 25-character product key printed on your Office 2010 product box and then click Continue button.

Office 2010

Step 3: Check I accept the terms of this agreement box and then click Continue button to proceed to the next step.

OFfice 2010 installing

Step 4: Here, you have two options: Install Now and Customize. Clicking the Install Now button will begin installing Office 2010 on your Windows drive. If you don’t have enough free space (at least 4GB for Professional Plus) on your Windows drive, click Customize button to select a different drive as installation location.

The Customize option also lets you select the Office applications that you want to install. Useful option if you want don’t want to install one or two Office applications in the suite. Finally, click Install button to begin installing the Office product.

installing office 2010

Installing office professional plus 2010

How to install office 2010

How to change Office 2010 color scheme and how to import or export ribbon and toolbar customization in Office 2010 guide might also interest you. We also suggest you download the free Getting Started with Office 2010 e-book from Microsoft to explore the new features and options introduced with Office 201o.



  1. Robert Murray says

    i bought the student version of office 2010 i went to install it on my new windows 8 Toshiba laptop got past the first product key then after reboot it asked for it again. After inputting it an error read, ” sorry this is not the product key for office 2013 you may be trying to install an older version.” It is an older version i believed there to be one remaining license. What can be done to get around this problem?

  2. Arni says

    I have install office home and business 2010,enter the product key and then when i open Ms Word,for example it ask me Product Activation required for office Professional Plus 2010,why it ask me that?

  3. BJ says

    I am trying to download Microsoft Office 2010 on my computer but it doesn’t have a hard drive?? What do I do?

  4. Bharat Khanna says


  5. TJ says

    Where to find the Icons to start Word & Excel after loading Office 2010 on the Windows 8 Operating System:

    Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Microsoft Office > Office14

    Excel is labeled “EXCEL”
    Word is labeled “WINWORD”

  6. Phyllis says


    I have installed MS Office 2010 in Windows 8.1 every time I open it says to CHANGE YOUR INSTALLATION OF MICROSOFT OFFICE STANDARD 2010

    please help


  7. Beverly says

    I have installed MS Office 2010 in Windows 8.1 but now I can’t locate it to put an icon on desktop. New to Win. 8… Where could it be?

  8. michelle honey says

    i bought the student version of office 2010 i went to install it on my new windows 8 asus laptop got past the first product key then after reboot it asked for it again. after inputting it an error read sorry this is not the product key for office 2013 you may be trying to install an older version. it is an older version i believed there to be one remaining license. what have i done wrong.

  9. Ashley says

    I bought Microsoft office 2010 a few years ago for my 32-bit Dell Vista, worked fine. I had to reformat the computer last night. I have backup CD and product key.

    Went to reinstall office and now it says “To install this product, you must be running one of the following operating system…blah blah blah”

    WTH? How did it work before?? What should I do?

  10. quemuel galarosa says

    my pc is freshly reformated, and i’m about to install microsoft office but it can’t detect my cd drive neither the usb. what do i do? i’d be grateful for any help. thanks.

  11. Olanrewaju Adeniyi says

    am trying to download micosoft office 2010 on my pc but it says the disc am loading is 32bit while the programme on the system is 62bit.pls help me out.

  12. Lovisa says

    Hi need help with downloading microsoft word online for free. please do help me.

    thank you

  13. Gupti Gosine says

    Hi I am trying to install or use my Office 2010 Professional that I have a back up disk for however I am being told that the pass key is incorrect as it starts with a 5 can you please advise.
    Many Thanks

  14. Cherry says

    Could they Make this any more complicate bloody hell-I followed instruction’s to the letter (or at least thought I had as I read instruction’s twice)only to get a message saying this product has not installed. I’ve sat here for hours trying to sort this out.If I’d known I’d have to Mess about like this I wouldn’t have bothered I will NOT be recommending this product. How dare they charge so much for this rubbish, Who ever developed this is really laughing all the way to the bank

  15. Debra says

    I ordered ms office home/student 2010 and have been using it for ever and now it wants me to go online to open any of my documents I have saved on my computer. I installed this on my computer and now, I have to be online to open my files? this has never happened before! Help!

  16. Beanie says

    I installed and activated ms office home and student 2010, after installing it gives error message some files corrupted (on the software that was preloaded). This comp does NOT have a cd drive, so can you help me with loading from the internet?

  17. Kelly says

    Hi I purchased a new laptop and it came with office 2010. I intalled as instructed. But then deleted it all by accident. How do I reinstall???? Plz help

  18. Dick says

    Help….I bought product key card for office home and business 2010. entered my pin and got my product code. Entered my product code and my computer died. Where do I go to start again with a product code? Can you provide a site?

  19. Walter T. Anderson says

    cannot load office home and student 2010 following your
    instructions. what am I doing wrong???

  20. James says

    If I install Microsoft Office 2010 on a new Windows 8 machine using an admin account, how do I make the Office apps available for all user accounts?

  21. Kavia Oeri says


    I have a computer at home that doesn’t have microsoft office 2010 programme. Is it ok for me to instal my office computers product key for my computer at home for the microsoft office installation?

  22. maria says

    I bought a new pc I’m trying to install office 2010, shud I unistall de windows7 starter first and any window that I see?

  23. Jill says

    hi, i have a new pc that does not have mircrosoft on it. I was able to buy a corp version of MS office 2010 from work but am not able to install it as it keeps telling me I am missing the MS 2010 program to install….anyone able to help

  24. Debra says

    I installed microsoft office 2010 on my computer and now my internet does not work….it says i am connected but with limited access which is not helpful…..i keep getting the message that the dependency service or group failed. i have tried several different suggestions for restoring, using cmd functions such as netsh winsock, etc. and everything has failed. what are my options at this point?

  25. Chris says

    I had Microsoft 97 but i deleted it, how do i download 2010 with my wife back up disc?

  26. Denise says

    Set up error . Tentei instalar o Microsoft 2010 no meu note e ele não funcionou. Tentei dsinstalar e ele vem com um erro do tipo – “O sistema não dá siporte ao idioma deste pacote de instalação” e não me deixa fazer mais nada, nem desisnstalar nem instalar novamente. Alguém conhece esse tipo de erro. pode me ajudar?

  27. pius says

    Can somebody guide me how to install windoes 2010 to computer xp pentium 4.does the computer have to be connected to internet? please provide the process to be followed. I will apprciated you support.
    thanks Pius.

  28. Carli says

    Please help,

    I have purchased office 2010 home and student for my windows 7 pc, however It has not got the EUROSTILE Font on it which i require.

    Does anybody know how i can get this font onto word?

    Many thanks

  29. Denise says

    I purchased Microsoft Office 2010 from my employer with the disc. I installed it on my PC and want my daughter to install it on her laptop, however installation does not finish as an error occurs. Can I install on more than one computer?

  30. Jack says

    I am having a problem installing Office plus 2010 on a windows XP pro system. it installs 99% then freezes eventually it comes up there has been an error and installation was cancelled. But I am getting notices to install updates to my office 2010 which is not installed. I see several people have had the same problem. Can you help with the solution.

  31. Bob Kenney says

    I’ve installed and activated Office 2010 but Windows does not recognize it or allow me to open documents in it. I get a screen offering to let me activate Office 2010 or purchase it, and when I choose activate and enter the product key (again) it says the key is invalid. Office 2010 still shows on the list of programs that can be uninstalled, and it has the right install date. All I am able to do is open Word Starter and then open .docx files from Starter. Any help would be appreciated!

  32. mike says

    just purchased a used tower and am trying to install office pro 2010 but all I get is an auto play box that has “open folder to view files” and “view more AutoPlay options in Control Panel”. I don’t see an option to auto start or a box to enter a product key. This software was purchased from a local collage bookstore for student use.

  33. Diana says

    I installed Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Student (it was exactly as per your screen captures)and I checked the Programs and Features and it’s in there saying that it was installed today – so that’s all good, right? Because Microsoft Office has disappeared from my Start menu since being installed and the icon on my desktop simply comes up with an error message stating ‘This action is only valid for products that are currently installed’. So what does that all mean?

  34. admin says

    Try to search for Microsoft Word from Start menu search box. You can also check the Programs and Features to see if the installation was successful.

  35. John says

    I purchased MS Ofice home ans Student, went thru the install process. I can not find it on my new PC. ????
    Can someone help???

  36. Honor says

    I bought Microsoft Home Office and Student when I bought a new laptop. Having followed all the instructions, entering product key etc I keep on getting a message access denied (Q)
    Why? What can be done so I can use this software?

  37. Kaye Emeny says

    I have just purchased Office Home and student 2010 and want to know if I can continue running Office 2000 Professional on my computer at the same time as I need to have Access to run a programme I use frequently

  38. Jason says

    I am having problems installing office 2010 professional, the install bar gets to about 99.9 & full and then freezes, do you think this may be a faulty install disc?

  39. Marion DeGuilio says

    I recently purchased a full license for MS Office Professional Plus 2010 though my company for use on my home computer. Now that I have a confirmed license and product code, will someone please tell me where to go to download the software. I am at the two hour point and I am running out of sites to get the software installed.


  40. Sara says

    I have purchased MS Office 2010 in French by mistake m i bought again the office pack this time in english but it fails all the time though i have uninstalled the previous French pack
    Would you know why?

  41. Bontii Damien says

    I installed office 2010, but it did not request that i input any key. Could this be a genuine office?

  42. Dave says

    I have had an Acer Aspite laptop since 2007 which has only been used for playing DVD’s and storing photos. I often get pop-ups regarding security issues but have ignored as not connected to the internet. I am now arranging broadband connection which I am told will come with security/firewall etc. Will I need to purchase additional protection or will that provider by the the ISP be sufficient? Also I have purchased Office 2010 Home and Student and tried to load in advance of getting the internet connection but the Disk fails to connect – would this be because of the security issues or do I need to have internet connection to load software from the disk?

  43. Mislade says

    I have a problem, i can’t install office profesional plus 2010.
    I have windows vista and I tried the trial office 2010 without problem. When it expired I uninstall to install the program of office profesional plus 2010. During the installation progress the green bar get the end and in this moment return and then appear a message ” The program find a problem and it can run”

    Could you help me because I was trying many things and I need it to work.

    Thank you

  44. James says

    I bought a download version of microsoft office 2010 Home and Student from a reliable website and can’t figure out how to install it. I downloaded a virtual clone drive program like it said and saved it to it but can’t figure anything else out from there. help??

  45. Donald Browning says

    Purchased MS Office Pro Plus 2010 abd trying to install for my grand daughter. Says I need to install MS Outlook first. ???
    Is this normal?
    Any suggestions?

  46. sam says

    I have previously installed office home and student 2010 and have had to reset my computer.

    when I try and reinstall Office it won’t recognise the account I set up with my email address.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks very much

  47. Paula says

    I have had a 30 day trail office installed on my daughters new laptop. she is only now not able to use the office program, as it wont let her enter any information. I bought her the Officer/Student 2010 office and she is now trying to load the product key into the computer without any success. please help

  48. John says

    I have installed Office Professional Plus 2010, but can’t open any programs. I get this message: “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations control panel.”
    What does this mean, and how can I make my programs work?

  49. Mahl says

    Thanks for the advice. Now….how should I uninstall Office 2000? Should I use the control panel or use the Resource Tool Kit for Office 2003; use it to uninstall Office 2000.

    Thanks again for your assistance.

  50. Mahl says

    I currently have Office 2000 on my desktop (Windows 7 64 bit). I am now planning to install Microsoft Office 2010 (home and student edition).

    Should I first uninstall Office 2000, or simply insert the new CD and go from there?
    Thank you

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