Remote Desktop App For Google Chrome

You now have another reason to install and use your favourite Google Chrome browser. Google has just released Remote Desktop Beta app for the latest version of Chrome browser to remotely access another computer using your Chrome browser. The Remote Desktop app supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks.

Remote Desktop in Google Chrome Browser

The feature comes in handy when you want to help your friend or any other person to troubleshoot his or her computer over the Internet, without accessing it physically. Also, you can invite others to access your computer remotely. The extension is still in Beta stage and Google plans to add more features such as the ability to remotely access one of your own computers in a feature update.


To install Remote Desktop, head over to Remote Desktop app page in the Chrome Web Store and click on Add to Chrome button to install the app. Click Yes for the confirmation dialog. You should now see Remote Desktop app icon in the Apps section of  the page.



Please note that when use Remote Desktop app to share your computer with someone, that person will have full access to your files and folders, including Documents and all other apps. So, don’t use this app to get help from an unknown person. Also note that the Remote Desktop app beta doesn’t support sharing on Chromebooks. That is, you can access another computer but you can’t share your Chromebook.


With this app, you no longer have to use the native Remote Desktop in Windows, or the advanced TeamViewer (free) software to share or access another computer. Of course, the TeamViewer application offers more features but this Chrome app should be good enough for home users.

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