Soda PDF 3D Reader: Best PDF Reader App For Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8 set for October 26th, developers have begin releasing  Modern UI version of their popular desktop software. Lulu Software has recently released its free Soda PDF 3D Reader app for Windows 8 and is now available in the Store.

Soda PDF 3D Reader app outperforms the native PDF reader app in many ways. For those who haven’t come across Soda PDF 3D Reader before, it’s a fantastic program to read PDF files in Windows. It includes smooth animations and also all feature you would expect in a good PDF reader.

Best PDF Reader for Windows 8

The Windows 8 version of Soda PDF 3D Reader includes pretty much every feature present in the desktop program. The best part of the app is its UI and smooth animations that you see when you move to the next or previous page. Options such as search, print, reading options appear when you right-click anywhere on the app. Moving the mouse cursor to the center of the page displays move to page number, next, forward, zoom in and zoom out options.

Soda 3D PDF Reader Best PDF Reader for Windows 8

File info, rotate, open file, Save as, and close file options can be accessed by right-clicking on the app and then clicking More button.

Overall, it’s the best free PDF reader app available for Windows 8. Soda PDF 3D Reader is compatible with x86, x64 as well as ARM-based processors. Open up the Store app, search for Soda PDF 3D Reader to visit the install page.


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