How To Run Metro Apps On Lower Screen Resolutions In Windows 8

Most of the netbooks that are available today come with 1024×600 or lower screen resolution. As some of you know, Windows 8 Metro-style apps require a minimum of 1024×768 screen resolution, which means that you can’t run Metro-style apps on screen resolutions lower than 1024×768.

So, a big chunk of netbook users won’t be able to experience one of the core features of Windows 8.

Users who have already installed Windows 8 on netbook with screen resolution lower than 1024×768 probably have noticed that Windows throws “The screen resolution is too low for this app to run” error when you attempt to run an app.  Though there are third-party applications available to run legacy Windows applications in a fake resolution, one can’t use these applications with Metro-style apps.

Run Metro Apps On Lower Screen Resolution

Users who have installed Windows 8 on a netbook would be glad to know that Metro-style apps can be run on your netbook with a small workaround. Paul has suggested a small workaround that will help all Windows 8 netbook users enjoy Metro apps without any issues.


Step 1: Open Registry Editor. To do this, open Run dialog (use Windows + R keys), type regedit.exe in the box and then press Enter key. Click Yes for the UAC (User Account Control) prompt.

Step 2: Once the Registry Editor is launched, press Ctrl + F keys to open Find box. In the Find box, type display1_downscalingsupported  in Find what box, check enable Match whole string only box and then click Find Next button.

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You may get only one or several results.

Step 3: Double-click on display1_downscalingsupported  entry and change its value from the default “0” to “1”.

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NOTE: If you have two or more display1_downscalingsupported entries in the registry, you need to modify all of them.

Step 4: Exit Registry Editor and reboot your PC.

Step 5: After rebooting PC, right-click on desktop, select Screen Resolution. You should now see 1024×768 resolution. Select 1024×768 or higher resolution (if available), and then click Apply button. Click Keep changes when you see the confirmation box. You are done! You should now be able to run Metro-style apps on your netbook.

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  1. Lauren Glenn says

    just add the DWORD entry and see. Mine didn’t have it either (and this is with Windows 10 Preview). It works fine there. The only issue I have is that the two new resolutions that it gives you are 4×3 aspect ratio.

  2. Lauren Glenn says

    Just add a DWORD with that entry where it says. On Windows8, do it under HLM and it works…. at least it did for me

  3. Mina says

    using registry values are always the best solution but when I search for values my note book won’t show me the results IDK what to do….
    I have asus eee pc 1051

  4. James says

    If all you need to do is run an app like Windows Store occasionally ( like to upgrade from 8 to 8.1), the easiest thing to do is hook up an external display to your netbook, set the external display to higher resolution, then open your app there. No need to change the registry!!!

  5. Andrea Borman says

    Doesn’t work. I was able to do the regedit and it did change my screen resolution but when I opened the Metro apps my screen turned black and my computer rebooted. It did that with every Metro app I tried to open. So it don’t work on my netbook. I have Windows 8 Pro BTW.
    Andrea Borman.

  6. says

    HP MINI.- i have done all the things you proposed and found display1_downscaling supported and changed the value from 0 to 1 and nothing has changed even
    when pc was rebooted. i also had many other results showing display1_display size, display1_enabledynamicscaling,etc etc. i am wondering if those should also be changed from 0 to 1 or jus display1_downscalingsupported. thanks for an answer.

  7. ian potticar says

    good day! to all nize setp and tweaks it works for lenovo s10-3 model thank you so much for the support

  8. Aubrey Bourke says


    I have the exact same problem user Mmmm.

    The resolution is available, but apps crash on opening them.

    I’m using an Intel graphics adapter.

    So like others I will also be waiting until W8 supports lower resolution screens, or until my graphics card company releases an updated driver to support W8?s screen requirements.

    Its sure to happen right?

  9. Mmmm says

    So I have done this trick on my Asus 1025c netbook and it allows me to now select 1024×768… although when launching the apps in metro interphase, each app will briefly open then the app will crash and a black screen appears. Also, running 1024×768 on a 10.1 inch netbook screen significantly decreased the sharpness of the desktop..made everything look blurry like 800×600 resolution. Waiting until W8 supports lower resolution screens, or until my graphics card company releases an updated driver to support W8’s screen requirements.

  10. David Jarman says

    Hi there

    Just tried to solve my notebook problem of not being able to open any Apps in Windows 8(latest version of Customer Preview).Tried using your proposed solution of opening the Registry and looking for:
    “display 1_downscalingsupported”

    Can’t find any entry with this title.

    Has the name changed or am I doing something wrong ?

    Hope you can help.



  11. Robert says

    Thank you , but what happens when i have not such entries like display1_downscalingsupported ? ,

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