Windows 8 Developer Preview Installation Procedure (Step-By-Step)

Windows 8 is finally available to download from Microsoft. If you have already downloaded your copy of Windows 8, then here the guide that you need to follow to successfully install Windows 8 Developer Preview on your PC without any hassles.

Windows 8 Start Screen

There are many ways to install Windows 8 on a PC. Before beginning the procedure, you need to create a bootable installation media from the ISO file to be able to install Windows 8 on your machine. You can use a USB flash drive, external hard drive, or DVD to create the installation media. Following are the some of our guides that will help you create an installation media using the ISO file:

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# How to make Windows 8 Developer Preview bootable USB

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# How to install Windows 8 from ISO file



Once you have a bootable Windows 8 installation media, you are good to go with the below mentioned procedure.


NOTE: We assume that you have enabled USB boot feature in the BIOS (if you are using USB as the installation media).



Step 1: Connect the Windows 8 bootable USB to the PC or insert the bootable DVD into the optical drive tray and reboot your machine.


Step 2: Press any key on the keyboard if you see “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” message on the screen. But if you are booting from a USB, Windows will automatically start loading the required files to start the setup process. Once you press the key (if you are using DVD to boot) you will see Windows loading all the files required to begin the setup process.

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step

Windows 8 Installation Procedure

Step 3: In the following screen, select your language, time, currency format, and keyboard type. Keeping the default options should be fine for most of the users. Click Next button to continue to the next step.

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step2

Step 4: In the Install Windows screen, click Install Now button to proceed to the License Agreement screen. Check I accept the license terms option and click Next button.

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step3

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step4

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step5

Step 5: When you are asked to select the type of installation you want to perform, click on Custom (advanced) option as you can’t upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Developer Preview. Clicking on Custom (advanced) option will take you to drive selection screen where you need to select the partition on which you want to install Windows 8.

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step6


Microsoft recommends a minimum of 16 GB free space for Windows 8 installation. But if you are planning to install your favorite third-party software on Windows 8, we recommend a partition with at least 30 GB free space. You can use the disk tools available under Drive options to delete, format, and create new partitions.

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step7

Select the partition and click Next button to begin installing Windows 8 on your machine. Your PC may reboot during the process.

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step8

Step 6: After a few minutes and a reboot you will see the following screen:

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step9

Simply enter a name for your PC and click Next button to move to the Settings screen.


Step 7: The Settings screen offers two options:

  # Express settings

   # Customize settings

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step10

If you choose the Express settings, you can change these settings later. So, click Use Express settings to proceed to the next step.


And, if you would prefer to customize your settings instead of selecting recommend settings, click Customize. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to customize the settings.


You will get options to share and connect, update installation types, and enable or disable apps accessing your location (using Windows location platform) and few other personalization settings.

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step1

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step2

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step3


Step 8: In the next step, you will be asked to enter your Windows Live ID. If you don’t like to enter your email ID, click on Don’t want to log on with a Windows Live ID option to skip this step.

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step11


Step 9: In the following screen (if you have entered your email address), you need to enter your email password too. Windows will finalize all settings and prepare your desktop in a few seconds. Good luck!

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step122


Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step14

Windows 8 Installation Procedure Step15



  1. Tony Dunsworth says

    Trying this on a laptop with no installed optical drive and getting a failure saying it’s looking for a required CD/DVD driver. Right now it parks here. Any suggestions for getting around it?

  2. SiNTAX says


    I am having the same problems as the other post. I’m trying to install Win8 on my Sony UX390N (Running Win7) and it won’t let me install it because of missing drivers for the CD/DVD ROM??

    Anybody know how to get round this?

  3. DonCarlos says


    Sorry for the dupe but it started the setup when im removed the sd card from the cardreader. But now it complains about cd/dvd drivers. The shift dont have an optical drive so i dont know why its needed… this problem also occours on a acer laptop. Both machines runs windows 7 and for win7 setup it dont ask any drivers at install time. What can i do?

    Thanks again.

  4. DonCarlos says


    I tried to install win8 to a htc shfit but after it loads the files and the installer wont start. It displays a blue bar on the top of the screen (made of small squres) And it stops there. Anyone else have this problem? or what can i do to start the installer?

    Thanks in advance!

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