Download Windows Calendar For Windows 7

Microsoft has introduced hundreds of new features in Windows 7. At the same time, Microsoft has dropped a couple of great features from its newest version of Windows. Features such as Dreamscene, taskbar toolbar for Windows Media Player and Windows Calender have been dropped from Windows 7.

Users who have used Windows Vista for a long time before upgrading to Windows 7 will surely miss the Windows Calendar program in Windows 7. As you know, Windows Calender was a fantastic program available in Vista with tons of features and options. As you may know, Microsoft has excluded Windows Calendar feature from the latest iteration of Windows.

Windows Calendar for Windows 7

Even though one can use the calender feature in Windows Live Mail program as a replacement for Windows Calender, it’s not as powerful and feature rich as Windows Calender.  If you have been missing the Windows Calendar in Windows 7 and can’t live without it, here is smart way to get back this feature in Windows 7. And if you are new to Windows Calendar program, we encourage you read how to get most out of Windows Calendar program guide.


Follow the simple instructions given below to get back Windows Calendar in Windows 7:

Step 1: First of all, navigate Windir/Program Files (C:\Program Files, where C is your Windows 7 drive) and create a new folder named Windows Calendar.

program files

Step 2: Now, download this ZIP file and extract the contents to C:\Program Files\Windows Calendar.

Windows Calendar

Step 3: Navigate to C:\Program Files\Windows Calendar\Windows Calendar (where C is your Windows 7 drive), right-click on the WinCal.exe program and select Pin to taskbar option.

Windows Calndar file

Step 4: Click on the Windows Calendar shortcut on the taskbar to start running Windows Calendar program in Windows 7.

Step 5: Enjoy Windows Calendar in Windows 7. Thanks to Chris for this tip.

Don’t forget to check out how to enable 7  missing features in Windows 7.


  1. Barbara says

    Where do I find the download. Step 2 says to download ZIP file. Where do I find it to download??

  2. Nickhog says

    Follow all the instructions and everything works just as it did in Vista, except there is no SEARCH BOX in the upper right. Surely some of you whiz kids can figure out how to get this back working…….

  3. scotty says

    Posted for Thomas drag a calender shortcut into the Start-up folder in the programs folders list the calendar will automatically open on start up.

  4. scotty says

    I restored my calendar in Windows 7 I hope someone manages to fix the search Many Thanks

  5. scotty says

    Thanks a lot I am most grateful to you I restored my calendar in Windows 7 and even without the search box its great I live in hope that someone will find a way to restore the search feature also

  6. Sarath swing says

    ya it was working well in ma win7….. follow the instructions properly and you can make it! ! !

  7. chris says

    I don’t see any responses here to reinstating the search box. Does anyone know it if can be done?

  8. Bikky says

    Please post another link, we can’t download from rapidshare ! ……….. want to have my calendar on W7 !!! :(

  9. Silviu says

    I have a problem. I can’t extract the content to Windows Calendar folder.

    Here is a ss with my error [img=]Click here[/img]

  10. Monero says

    This work perfectly. Awesome and Exellent tip.
    Tahnk a lotttttttttttttttt

  11. Rob Murphy says

    Is this meant to be one-way-syncing? I’ve given WinCal my Google iCal address, and that works, but then I “can’t update a read-only calendar”

  12. rud says

    nothing new, just copy the wincalendar program in vista and paste to program files folder in 7. No need to download the above file. The BIG PROBLEM is THE REMINDER CAN NOT POP UP ! even it is Run as an administrator, it cant pop up.

  13. Rahtware says

    Instructions and link worked fine. The “Help” feature doesn’t work, but everything else seems OK.

  14. Deb says

    Thank you so much for this calendar tip .. why they would make windows 7 without a calendar is beyond me. ;c)

  15. Robyn says

    Downloaded just fine! Seems to be running well. Only thing is, must I always click on the icon in the taskbar to run it? Will the reminders pop up without my having to click on it first? Kind of defeats the purpose.

  16. lynn says

    I just want to thank whomever put this on the internet. (CHRIS) I really appreciate having a calendar I can work with.

  17. bobby says

    Thank you for this.
    When I downloaded it came with reminders- chris (xml document).
    What is reminders- chris (xml document) file for? Does it do anything?

  18. Charlie says

    Have calendar – Many thanks! Please could anyone tell me if I am to expect the reminder window to pop up on its own – ie without the whole calandar opening with it? If so any advice to help do that is apreciated.

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