Collection of 14 Awesome Vista Themes of All Time

Here is a small collection of all time top Vista AERO themes for Windows Vista. Full credit goes to the authors of respective themes. I have given the download link as author’s page, from where you can download the theme. Let us know any other  themes you like!

Read how to install third-party Vista themes here

Aero Diamond Theme

Aero VG Theme

Aero Shine Theme

HAL 9000 Theme

Max Clear  Theme

Media center Theme

Aero 4074 Theme

Skulls Theme

Dragonfly Theme

Elegance Theme

Ultimate Clear Theme

Vista Breeze Theme

Reaper Theme

Leopard OSx Theme



  1. Johl says

    Most of those are pretty soft mods, you should check out deviantart. There are heaps of better ones there 🙂

  2. admin says

    By default,Vista doesn’t support third-party themes.In the beginning of the post I have given the link to my guide “How to install third party themes in Vista”.It will help you.

  3. Rayaz says

    Downloaded several of these themes, and noticed it does not have a theme file, which results in these themes not being listed under the themes option. How do i work around this?

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