5 Best Boot Screens For Windows 7

Microsoft’s fastest selling operating system, Windows 7, features a cool boot screen but users who have been watching the same boot screen ever since the Beta days might want to replace the default boot screen animation with a custom one.

Windows 7 Boot Screen Default

Unlike, earlier versions of Windows, changing the default boot screen animation is not a simple task in Windows 7. But it’s possible with the help of a free tool named Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater. We reported about this awesome tool few months back.


Now if you are looking forward to change the default Windows 7 boot animation using Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater, here are some good boot screen animations.


Note: Since Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater is in beta state, we recommend backing up your system before replacing the default boot screen. Use at your own risk! And, please try these boot screens in a Virtual Machine before trying it on your primary machine.


Click on the boot animation image to proceed to the download link. Please use Windows 7 Boot Screen Updater or follow the procedure mentioned in the download page to apply the custom boot screen.


1. Default boot screen with custom touch

Windows 7 Boot Screen1

2. Windows logo animation

Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation2

3. Glowing Apple boot screen

Windows 7 Boot Screen3

4. Another cool boot animation for Windows 7

Windows 8 Boot Screen for Windows 7

5. Apple logo boot screen animation

Apple logo boot screen for Windows 7gif



  1. lolursofunny says

    Seriously? why the f*** will i keep a apple logo in my windows 7 pc? who is the dumba** who wrote this article?

  2. Edd says

    Why on Earth would anyone want an Apple boot screen for Win7? Everyone smart knows that Apple = Epic Fail.

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