7 Fantastic Windows 7 Themes

In October last year we took a look at awesome themes available for Windows Vista. Given that the Windows 7 is releasing in a few months, there are already several customized themes available to spice your desktop.


Even we had released a simple visual style for Windows 7 back in February named One World. You can also download our 14 awesome Windows 7 themes that comes with multiple wallpapers.

In this post, we are showcasing some of the best themes available for Windows 7 till date. Note that full credit goes to the respective authors.

Update Jan 2014: Most of the themes mentioned below are no longer available to download. We suggest you check some other articles to find new themes (vidual styles) released for Windows 7.

1. Windows 8 theme:

windows 8 theme


2. Aero diamond theme (x64):



3. Max clear live black theme:

seven max clear for windows 7


4. Leopard theme:

leopard for 7


5. Sico theme:

sico for windows 7 final


6. One World theme:



7. Longhorn theme:





  1. alvis says

    hey i cant download themes it shows page is not found. this themes r great i want it can anyone help me. plz

  2. says

    WTF … file ton found please admin try to upload the thems on mediafire Or correct them please anD thnX 😀

  3. aparichitsecond says

    when i click on download button it shows that 404 file not found… what is this when the link is dead then remove it plz…..

  4. Eduardo says

    Aero Diamond is so cool but I still haven´t found any site explaining how to install it!!! Windows7 64bit here.

  5. Hassaan says

    I tried 1 and 6 but failed both times. I use b7100 x86.

    Both the times, i get to get to cmd, using the cd, to restore the original files.

  6. GBHarikrishna says

    Wow!!! It’s Nice…. I picked It…… to install…..

    Thanks for Providing…….

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