How To Create Acronis True Image Bootable Media Or Bootable ISO

Acronis True Image Home is the best system backup and restore program available for home users. The program offers a number of features including scheduled backup, system image backup, email backup, and nonstop backup to protect your crucial data.

You can run Acronis True Image Home even from an emergency rescue CD, DVD, or USB to access all major features of Acronis without actually booting into Windows. This helps you when you have an issue with Windows boot loader or any other startup problems.

To be able to create standalone Acronis True Image Home bootable media (DVD or USB) or bootable disc ISO file, you will need to use Acronis Media Builder tool. In this guide, we will show you how to create a bootable Acronis True Image emergency DVD or USB or ISO file to access Acronis without booting into Windows.

NOTE: We assume that you have already installed Acronis True Image Home on your machine.

1. Run Acronis True Image Home software. Navigate to the main screen.

Boot Acronis True Image from USB Flash Drive Step1

2. Click Tools & Utilities in the main menu, and then click Rescue Media Build to launch Acronis Media Builder wizard.

Boot Acronis True Image from USB Flash Drive

3. Once the wizard is launched, click Next button to continue.

Boot Acronis True Image from USB Flash Drive Step2

4. In the following screen, select the bootable components of the Acronis products to be placed on the bootable media. Simply check the box named Acronis True Image Home to include all available tools in the bootable media. Again, click Next button to proceed to the next step.

Boot Acronis True Image from USB Flash Drive Step3

5. In this step, bootable media options, you can enter startup parameters for the bootable media. Keep the Command-line parameters box empty and then click Next button to create ISO image or Acronis bootable flash drive.

Boot Acronis True Image from USB Flash Drive Step4

6. If you want to create a bootable USB with Acronis software on it, select the removable disk in the list (make sure that the USB drive is empty). Or, select ISO image option to create a bootable ISO disc file.

Boot Acronis True Image from USB Flash Drive Step5

Select the appropriate option and click Next button to continue. If you have selected ISO image, you will be asked to select a location to save the ISO file. And if you have selected USB flash drive, simply click Proceed button in the following screen to start the operation.

Boot Acronis True Image from USB Flash Drive Step6

Boot Acronis True Image from USB Flash Drive Step66

7. You are done! If you have created an ISO file, use ISO burner (free) software to burn the ISO file onto DVD. To use Acronis True Image from USB, reboot your machine, enable and USB boot in BIOS.


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