Now Use WhatsApp Web On Firefox And Opera


A little over a month ago, WhatsApp surprised everyone by launching WhatsApp Web. As you likely know by now, the web version allows you view and send messages right from your desktop. WhatsApp Web works as long as your smartphone is connected to the internet, which means that you need keep your smartphone connected even […]

Scan Files For Virus Before Downloading Using VirusTotal Browser Extension


I have been using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser for years and have installed several extensions to improve the web browsing experience. Since I need to test new software on a regular basis, I use the VirusTotal service to scan the developer’s page as well as the software for viruses and other threats […]

How To Use Adobe Reader To Electronically Sign (E-Signature) PDF Documents


The traditional way of signing a PDF document is to print out the document, sign the document on paper, and scan the same again to save as PDF file. While there is nothing wrong with this traditional procedure, many users prefer to digitally or electronically sign (e-signature) documents to avoid printing out and scanning documents. […]

How To Backup Firefox Passwords In Windows And Mac


I have installed Windows 8.1 on my MacBook Air using Boot Camp Assistant software. Even though I boot into Mac OS X about once or twice in a week, I had saved a couple of web credentials in Firefox. The other day, after selecting OS X partition during the boot (I have set Windows as […]

Change Firefox New Tab Page Background Using New Tab Tools Extension


While more and more PC users are using Google Chrome as their default web browser these days, a significant number of users still prefer Mozilla Firefox over other browsers for a couple of well-known reasons. By default, Mozilla Firefox offers limited number of options to customize the New Tab page that appears when you open […]

Installing Firefox Metro In Windows 8.1


By now, you’ve likely heard about the release of Firefox Metro for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. For those who missed the big news, Mozilla released the Metro version of Firefox browser to the Aurora channel about a week ago and is now available for download. Firefox Metro sports a clean interface, shows address bar […]

How To Open Firefox Metro Settings (Preferences) In Windows 8


On Thursday of last week, we let you know about the availability of Firefox 18 Nightly build which includes Firefox Metro for Windows 8. Also, we showed you how to enable Metro version of Firefox in Windows 8 by setting Firefox as default browser. Longtime Firefox users may prefer using the desktop version on desktops […]

Download Modern UI Style Firefox For Windows 8


Mozilla has just released Firefox 18.0a1 which includes a Modern UI (Metro UI) version of Firefox for Windows 8. Windows 8 users who can’t wait for a stable version and want to test drive this early Modern UI version of Firefox browser can now head over to Wiki page to start downloading the setup file. […]

How To Open PDF Files In Firefox


There are a number of reasons why computer users prefer Google Chrome over Mozilla Firefox. One of the reasons why many Firefox users switched to Chrome is the lack of support for PDF files. Unlike Google Chrome, Firefox doesn’t allow you view PDF files within the browser without the help of third-party extensions. Despite the […]

How To Optimize Firefox For Touch Screen In Windows 10


Mozilla added the multi-touch support to its Firefox browser first in version 4.0. Unlike Google Chrome browser, Firefox supports basic touch inputs in Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 8. But other than the basic touch inputs, there is not even a single option available to configure the browser for multi-touch displays. Just like any […]