How To Set Google As Default Search In Vivaldi Browser


Vivaldi browser is not as popular as its rivals but it’s definitely one of the better web browsers out there for Windows operating system as well as Mac. Vivaldi browser, although currently in Beta stage, is shaping up really well and offers many advanced features that you might not find in other popular browsers. The […]

Claim Free 100 GB OneDrive Storage Worldwide


There is a good news for Microsoft’s OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) users who don’t mind adding additional storage space to their accounts for free! OneDrive users can now claim extra 100 GB of space for absolutely free. As you probably aware, many blogs reported about this offer about two weeks ago but at that […]

Run Your Favorite Programs From The Cloud Using Cameyo


Up until a couple of years ago, it was almost impossible to run applications from USB drives. These days, many users carry portable version of their favorite apps on USB drives to have access to their favorite programs from everywhere. Creating a portable version of software has also become much easier thanks to applications like […]

You Can Now Save Outlook.Com Attachments To OneDrive

Back in last October, Microsoft rolled out an update to its web-based email service to allow users to share up to 10 GB files from OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive). The feature allows users to send large files as attachments without having to upload large files to other file sharing services. Up until now, […]

Skype For Web: Skype Without Downloading The app


Ever wanted to use Skype on your PC without having to download and install the desktop client or the app? Don’t have permissions to install applications but want to use Skype? You will be able to use the popular Skype without having to install the app or desktop client very soon. As you likely know, […]

How To Backup Feedly Feeds To PC As OPML File


Ever since the demise of Google Reader about a year ago, Feedly has been making a good progress. Most of Google Reader users have now migrated their accounts to Feedly and are enjoying the most feature-rich cloud based RSS reading service. In fact, it was after Google announced that it would shut down the Reader […]

Make Gmail Look Like With This Theme


Gmail, the free webmail service from the internet giant Google, is the most powerful and preferred email service. The team behind Gmail at Google has been doing a fantastic job by regularly updating Gmail to add new features and improve the interface. Though many technology blogs are reporting that Gmail will soon switch a new […]

How To Quickly Disable Tabs In Gmail


About a year ago, Google rolled out a new update to Gmail to automatically sort emails by tabs. The tabs feature in Gmail is helpful as it tries to keep your primary inbox from spams by automatically moving emails to appropriate categories. For instance, notification emails from Google Plus and other social networks now land […]

4 Services To Convert RAR Files To Zip Online For Free


It seems like everything is moving to the cloud these days. Free services are out there to store the data in the cloud, create and edit documents, and then there are many services that let you perform various operations typically performed by installing applications. In one of our previous guides titled 3 ways to open […]

How To Search A Single Website With Google


Typically Google search (or any other search engine for that matter) is used to search the entire world wide web for required information. However, at times, you might want to search a single website to get the required information. While a large percentage of websites include a dedicated Google search box to quickly search them, […]