Download GOM Audio Player


There is absolutely no dearth of good music players for Windows operating system. Free players such as Foobar2000, PotPlayer, and MusicBee all offer good music experience. Although Winamp, once the popular player, is no longer under development, it’s still available for download. Those of you who don’t mind installing a new media player should try […]

Download GOM Player App For Windows 8.1 And Windows 10


As an avid user of GOM Player, I can tell you that it’s one of the most underrated media player. I have been using it since the release of version 1.0, and I always recommend it over other media players for its beautiful interface, rich set of features, and support for popular codecs out of […]

How To Completely Disable KMPlayer Games And Ads


KMPlayer is a popular media player available for Windows operating system. Although it’s not as powerful and popular as VLC Media Player, it’s certainly one of the best free media playing software out there for Windows. Ads and games in KMPlayer Those of you who have installed recent versions of KMPlayer probably have noticed ads […]

How To Customize VLC Player Keyboard Shortcuts


More often than not, I use GOM Player to watch movies on my desktop computer for a variety of reasons. That said, at times, I do use the very popular VLC Media Player when GOM Player doesn’t support the video format that I want to play. As you likely know, both GOM and VLC offer […]

How To Disable Subtitles By Default In VLC Media Player


It’s a common practice to watch movies with subtitles while watching foreign language movies. Majority of the video playback software out there support subtitle feature out of the box, without the help of third-party software or extensions. Just like other video playback software, the popular VLC Media Player also supports subtitles. While watching a video, […]

2 Extensions To Make VLC Player Remember Movie (Video) Position


As you know, VLC is popular for its support for wide range of video formats. When it comes to the number of supported video file types, there is no better video player than VLC. However, some features offered by lesser known video playback software are not present in VLC. For instance, there is an option […]

Download VLC Player App For Windows 8/8.1


There is absolutely no dearth of multimedia players for Windows operating system. There are plenty of good video and audio players out there but when it comes to popularity and support for video formats, VLC is the player that stands out from the rest. Despite being an open source software, VLC supports almost all video […]

How To Convert Videos Using VLC Media Player


VLC media player is probably the best video player out there for Windows, or at least one of the best. VLC’s simple user interface, great number of features, support for almost all video formats, and high performance easily make it the best video player. Most of Windows users use VLC for watching videos and aren’t […]

PotPlayer: Advanced Video Player For Windows


When it comes with audio and video player, Windows users have a lot of good players to choose from. While most users prefer VLC player for its support for sheer number of video formats, some users also use GOM, Media Player Classic, and SMPlayer. PotPlayer is a free video player for Windows which is gaining […]

How To Disable GOM Media Player Popup Ads


GOM Media Player is a widely used video player with support for numerous video and audio formats. Probably it’s the best video player after VLC, Media Player Classic and SMPlayer. It sports a neat UI and comes with tons of advanced features and options to tweak just about everything of your video, from brightness and […]