Download VLC Player App For Windows 8/8.1


There is absolutely no dearth of multimedia players for Windows operating system. There are plenty of good video and audio players out there but when it comes to popularity and support for video formats, VLC is the player that stands out from the rest. Despite being an open source software, VLC supports almost all video […]

How To Convert Videos Using VLC Media Player


VLC media player is probably the best video player out there for Windows, or at least one of the best. VLC’s simple user interface, great number of features, support for almost all video formats, and high performance easily make it the best video player. Most of Windows users use VLC for watching videos and aren’t […]

PotPlayer: Advanced Video Player For Windows


When it comes with audio and video player, Windows users have a lot of good players to choose from. While most users prefer VLC player for its support for sheer number of video formats, some users also use GOM, Media Player Classic, and SMPlayer. PotPlayer is a free video player for Windows which is gaining […]

How To Disable GOM Media Player Popup Ads


GOM Media Player is a widely used video player with support for numerous video and audio formats. Probably it’s the best video player after VLC, Media Player Classic and SMPlayer. It sports a neat UI and comes with tons of advanced features and options to tweak just about everything of your video, from brightness and […]

Download VLC Player 2.0 Final Now


Good news to all VLC Media Player lovers. VideoLAN has just released the next major version VLC Media Player, VLC 2.0, for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is now available to download from the official page. Faster decoding on multi-core, GPU, and mobile hardware, new rendering pipeline for video, ability to open more formats, experimental […]

How To Remove Windows Media Player Entries From Context Menu (Without Using Third-Party Tools)


Countless numbers of free audio and video players are available for Windows. Most of Windows users have installed at least two or more third-party media players. Users who have set Winamp, foobar2000 or any other audio player as their default media player may want to get rid of Windows Media Player entries from the context […]

Download AIMP 3.0


AIMP, foobar2000, and Winamp are the best free music players available for Windows. Of these, probably foobar2000 is the most popular music player. The developers of AIMP recently released the final version of AIMP v3.0 and is now available for download. The newest version of AIMP includes a number of features and improvements. As you […]

Analyzed For WMP: Customizable Visualization For Windows Media Player


As with most of the media players out there, Windows Media Player also supports visualization plugins. Even though developers and Windows enthusiasts have stopped releasing new visualizations, there are plenty of good visualizations available on the web. One can either choose one of the built-in visualizations or install variety visualization plugins available on the web.  […]

Windows Media Player 12 Library Background Image Changer


Did you know that Windows Media Player 12 (WMP 12) in Windows includes hidden library backgrounds? Yes, a total of 6 hidden library backgrounds exist in Windows Media Player 12 and you can choose any of these awesome backgrounds in Windows registry. WMP 12 Library Skin Changer is a standalone utility to enable and use […]