How To Run Control Panel As Administrator In Windows


Before this, we have written a number of guides on taking ownership of files and running programs as administrator. Recently, while moderating comments, I noticed that there are plenty of users out there who would like to run Control Panel as administrator. To start with, Windows doesn’t let you run Control Panel as administrator. This […]

How To Convert DMG File To ISO In Windows For Free


DMG is nothing but disc image file mostly used in Mac OS X operating system. Most of the apps out there are available as DMG files and the file type is very familiar to Mac OS X users. Windows operating system doesn’t support DMG files out of the box and we need to take the […]

How To Recover Deleted Sticky Notes In Windows


Sticky Notes, first introduced with Windows Vista, is an amazing utility to quickly write down ideas or everything else that comes to your mind. The native Sticky Notes program doesn’t offer features available in some third-party programs but it’s a good solution to quickly jot down a contact number, email address or write a to-do […]

Windows 10 Start Menu For Windows 8/7


Over the past week, a number of screenshots and videos of Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 (internally codenamed Threshold) have been leaked to the web, revealing new features and improvements in the next major version of Windows operating system. As expected and shown previously by Microsoft, Windows 10 includes a Start menu but it’s not the […]

How To Add Files To Bootable ISO In Windows


Earlier last week, we discussed about a fantastic online tool to generate and download unattend.xml file that we use while performing unattended or silent Windows 7/8/9 installation. The tool also lets you generate Config.xml file required to perform unattended Microsoft Office installation. After generating and downloading the unattend.xml file, I had to add the XML […]

8 Time Saving Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Not Know


Windows 7 is definitely one of the most loved versions of Windows operating system ever. Even though Windows 7 was just a polished version of its predecessor Vista, there were numerous features and improvements that made this version of Windows most loved Windows operating system to date. Windows 7 incorporates a number of new keyboard […]