Fastest Way To Close All Programs and Windows Using Alt + F4 Key (Video Guide)


What’s the fastest way to close running apps and open windows in Windows? Moving mouse over the caption buttons and clicking on the Close button is the traditional way of closing running programs and open windows in Windows operating system. Users who are a little more familiar with Windows and keyboard shortcuts prefer using Alt […]

Fix: Battery Icon Missing From Windows 7/8 Taskbar


If you have installed Windows operating system on a netbook, notebook, tablet or desktop computer with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), you probably are familiar with the small battery icon that appears in the system tray area of the taskbar. The battery status icon comes very handy for users who don’t keep their notebooks or netbooks […]

How To Share Files Between Mac & PC Easily


A lot of people own both Windows as well as Mac computers. If you use both Windows and Mac, chances are good that sometimes you want to share files between your PC and Mac. A lot of how-to guides available on the web to help transfer files between Windows and Mac but all them requires […]

Desktop Gadgets Reviver: Awesome Gadget Pack For Windows 8.1 With Close To 1000 Gadgets


Microsoft has discontinued Desktop Gadgets feature in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 releases due to some serious vulnerably in Windows desktop sidebar platform. In Windows 8 and 8.1 versions, gadgets like Calendar and Weather have been replaced with built-in apps that show information on the Start screen in real-time. Users who aren’t very serious about […]

Fix: “Resize Hard Disk Operation For This Format Is Not Implemented Yet” Error While Resizing VirtualBox Disk


Long time VirtualBox users will know that VirtualBox doesn’t support resizing virtual hard drive via its settings. In one of our earlier posts, we discussed how to increase VirtualBox’s disk size in Windows using Command Prompt. The method is useful if your virtual hard drive is running out of space. While trying to resize VirtualBox’s […]

How To Increase VirtualBox Disk Size


Oracle VM VirtualBox is one of the best and widely used free virtualization software. While there are a couple of virtual machine software around and some of them even offer a few features that aren’t available in VirtualBox, this free virtualization software from Oracle is beats it competitors when it comes to overall performance, stability, […]