Create Live XP CD [Without Using Bart PE]

If you are regular here, few weeks ago I had written an article “how to create live XP/Vista CD/DVD/USB“. Few readers had asked me to write a new simplified article which shows the making of Live XP without any hassle. So, I am writing this new guide for XP lovers.
Here I am re-writing the article by assuming that you are going to create Live XP CD. To create live XP CD, you need have internet connection. If you don’t have internet connection you need to wait for few days as we will write about creating Live USB drive using another method. Make sure your system is connected to the internet.
1. Winbuilder (download from here)
2. Windows XP CD
3. Internet Connection
4. Blank CD
1. Download Winbuilder (Free) from here, extract the zip file to a folder called “Live XP” on your Desktop (assuming that you have a minimum of 700MB free space on your C Drive).You can even choose any other drives or folders to extract the Winbuilder  zip file. Make sure you have enough amount of free space before proceeding further.

2. Run Winbuilder.exe file from the Live XP folder, below is the welcome screen you will see at the first time. Download screen is the screen where you need to choose the tools, drivers and other applications required for the live CD.

3. Switch to Download tab, uncheck the box named “Optional”, and click Download button located at the bottom left of the pane to start the download of essential scripts and tools for your XP live CD.

4. Once Winbuilder finishes the downloading process, it will show you the below screen. Click on Play button located at right top.

5. Insert your Windows XP CD into the CD/DVD drive and browse the same from the Winbuilder (Refer screenshot).

6. Click Continue button to start the live CD building process. It will take few minutes to finish the process. If Winbuilder process prompts any confirmation message, click “yes” or “Ok” to continue the building process.

7. Once it finishes the building of Live XP image process, you need insert a blank CD so that it burns the Live XP image file into the blank CD. Keep the burn speed at minimum to get the best results.

8. If you have followed the procedure neatly, you will have a Live XP CD in your hand.

9. Once you get the Live XP CD, you can insert and check the new Live XP CD.

PS: I tried to use the latest version of Winbuilder before the proceeding to the older version which I used in this guide. The reason is this version is stable than the newer version like XP. So, I recommend the stable version instead BETA.
If you have any problems in following the above procedure feel free to ask your doubt in the form of comments. And finally, don’t copy this article to any other sites or forums without the permission and back link.



  1. Tiny Tim says

    I’ve been struggling through this whole “PE” miasma for days and so far the only disk that works is “Hiren’s”. In reading his info, it seems he has already loaded SATA HDD drivers and USB 3.0. This is why it works. For any of the others, you need to add a SATA driver to the build because your basic XP Install disk doesn’t have one and this is why the Blue Scream comes up. I want a simple small win xp environment just to access my usb stick to restore my backed up image files. I don’t want all the bloatware utilities ’cause I don’t use ’em. Hope this helps you and wish me luck on finding the shortest route to my own happiness.

  2. Tukkie Razcall says


    I tried several times to make a live CD for XP, but all attempts result in a blue screen after startup.
    What am I doing wrong.

    with regards, Tukkie

  3. bre pyn says

    is this up to date or is there another way that has been made easier.. ? this info is much appreciated either way, thanks

  4. mushahid says

    hi when i strat my computer there comes sys32 eror please tell me what iss the solution of this problem

  5. says

    hi , thank you for all this important infermations , i want to ask if i can adds same programes to my live cd like an antivirus or photoshop and so on ? thanks again .

  6. Jay says

    I’ve switched to the latest; which is presently 078 SP6, released January 9th.
    We’ll see how it goes.
    PS, Winbuilder 072 is the original one.
    It’s kind of old now.
    It’s time to update your download links page for Winbuilder.
    the download update page is here:

  7. Jay says

    Now my computer is saying Winbuilder [077 RC2] which is running as
    autiit3.exe in the task manager is malware.
    What’s going on?

  8. Jay says

    The complete download stalled with 17.92 mb lefts when winbuilder got an error that it couldn’t find the lisence.

  9. fan says

    Hey guys.. don’t wasting your time..

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk….. it doesn’t work. stoped with few errors…

  10. Sami says

    Hi , I have a bootable xp cd and sp3 on other pc from magazine , ms.netframwork 2 , driver genius exe file which has all driver of my pc and windows live , can we make these stuff in on a bootable xp sp3 cd ? can we add some somthing like antivirus or spyware remover thanks in advance

  11. TrueLugia121 says

    i was wondering can i change a step from burning to CD to making a CD ISO Image? or does it need to be burnt to a CD?

  12. Atif says

    I am getting after press play button: –
    “HoJoPE.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”
    I put the source CD of windows XP then I press Play button and get above msg.

  13. kylde says

    at least 10 errors during the complile, had to CAD it in the end (failed to make dir#4,#5 was a common 1), I’ll stick to PE thx 🙂

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