Difference Between Windows 8 & Windows RT

Users who have been closely following Microsoft must be knowing that Windows 8 is mainly available in three editions: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT. What many users aren’t aware is, even though Windows 8 and Windows RT look the same from the outside, they are totally different under the hood.

The plus side of Windows RT is that it can run on ARM-based chipsets. And the downside is, it can run on ARM-based chipsets only. That is, Windows RT can’t be installed on machines powered by x86 and x64 processors.

Another major difference is that Windows RT includes Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 (World, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote), meaning you don’t need to purchase a separate license for Office suite.

Check out the below chart provided by Microsoft to find out all differences between Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Difference Between Windows 8 and Windows RT

Another major downside of Windows RT  is that legacy desktop programs can’t be installed on Windows RT operating system. This is biggest and main limitation of Windows RT as there are millions of cool software are available for Windows. Windows RT users need to rely on the Windows Store to install apps. On the other side, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro users can enjoy the best of both words as they can install both legacy desktop software and Windows Store apps as well.

At present, a small percentage of devices support Windows RT. For instance, out of 200 HP printers that support Windows 8, only 34 printers are compatible with Windows RT. So, if you’re looking for a tablet to replace your netbook or notebook, we suggest you go for a tablet powered by Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro edition.

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  1. Nick Jackson says

    As far as I can tell Windows 8 Pro is largely unnecessary for personal use unless you are an advanced user that wants the bitlocker, remote desktop and encryption features? I think this was the case with Windows 7 too.

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