How To Change Low, Reserve & Critical Battery Notifications In Windows 7

If you have been running Windows 7 on a notebook for a while now, you might have observed the low, reserve and critical battery notifications that popup in the notification area to warn you about the battery level.

low battery notification

With default settings, Windows warns you when the battery charge reaches low, reserve, and critical level. You get these notifications when battery charge reaches certain percentage so that you get enough time to save your work or to hibernate your notebook. For example, you see the low battery notification when the battery charge level decreases to 40%.


Here is how you can change low battery notifications (low, reserve & critical) in Windows 7:

1. Type Power Options in Start menu search field and then hit enter to open Power Options.

power options in start menu

2. On the Select a power plan page, next to the plan you want to change, click Change plan settings.

power options

3. Next, click Change advanced power settings to open Advanced Settings tab.

edit power plan settings

4. Under Advanced Settings tab, expand Battery, expand Low battery level, Reserve battery level and critical battery level. Then, change the default percentage of battery remaining value to your own value. For example, change Critical battery level to 10%.

advanced power options

5. Click Apply button to save the changes.



  1. Gary Heard says

    You don’t want to set the levels lower then the recommended settings because saved system files can become corrupted if the battery is not supplying enough power for the save.

  2. admin says

    That’s strange! I am able to set critical battery level to even 1% on my Dell studio laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate edition.

  3. Scott says

    Im having the same problem on my Asus Eee 1005ha on Win7 I cant set it lower than 4%(which is still about 30mins of battery!)

    I’v been told this “lowest value” is set by the manufacturer rather than Microsoft but is there any way of changing it?


  4. Frank says

    Hello u.
    Nice post, but my Problem is that i cant set the critical battery action value under 7%. I have an ASUS 1000H Netbook an Win 7 Ultimate.

    Geetings from Germany.

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