How To Change Office 2010 Display Language

Recently, we showed you how to download and install a Language Interface Pack for Microsoft Office 2010 suite. To use an installed Language Pack, you need to select and apply it.


In this guide, we will show you how to change Office 2010 language. Note that you can’t use Office 2010 Beta language pack for RTM suite. 


1. Launch an Office 2010 application (Word, Excel or any other).

  how to change office 2010 display language guide

2. Go to File menu and click Options to open settings box. In the left pane, click Language tab to see list of installed languages. If you haven’t installed a language pack yet, please follow our how to install Office 2010 language pack guide.

 how to change office 2010 language

3. Next, under Choose display language, select your new language and click Set as default button. You can also set your new language as the help language by clicking the Set as default button under Help language.

 how to chagne display language in office 2010

4. Click Ok button. You will be asked to restart the Office program, and doing so will change your Office 2010 display language.

 how to change office 2010 display language

5. You are done!

change office 2010 display language

If you have downloaded a trial version of Office 2010 RTM, refer to our how to extend Office 2010 trial period guide to use the Office 2010 suite for 180 days.



  1. Matt Malins says

    My powerpoint is stuck in Russian, where as my Excel, Word, and Project are in English. I have set English as the default but it continues to display in Russian. Is there a fix to this?

  2. Kristin says

    I downloaded Microsoft Office 2010 but during the installation process it switched everything into Spanish. How do I proceed to switch it back to operate in English?

  3. Marieke Ayoub says

    I successfully installed Arabic language pack and can switch to a completely Arabic toolbar. However, when I switch back to English toolbar, in Word the text alignment remains right by default in any new document. I can change it with the alignment button to left alignment, and type english normally, except when I want to use a bulet point; any text I type will be placed to the left of the bullet point (and this can be seen in the bullet point icon itself which shows it as right aligned). How can I solve this?

  4. ahmad says

    i follow this steps put still i cant change from Arabic display language to English .

    pleas your advice

  5. RAvi says

    I have Office 2007 when i type same amount ex. 10 its display 0.1 when i type 100 its display 10 when i type 1000 its display 100 plz help me which option i need to change

  6. Dan says

    I have Office 2010 with a license.Office is in Romanian and i want to change it in English.
    I have installed english language pack, installed it and nothing happened.I have also Windows 7 in English.All the languages are set to English in Office, keyboards, zone , region, all things are in english. But the office is still in Romanian.

    Maybe tis is thhe cause because we bought office with a license and it is blocked by the guys that sold the Office pack, other explanation i can’t find.

    Cheers !

  7. Jean Renoux says

    the greed and complexity of getting any answers to any questions from MS makes you want to switch to Apple.

    Aftert 27 yeares with MS, I am out of there.

  8. e says

    The help language is stuck in Spanish. I have tried these instructions and then did it again and rebooted the entire computer. The help language still did not change even though the default says it has been set to English.

  9. Chard says

    I have install Lang pack successfully. I need to apply the selected language to all users who access Office 2010.
    Language was only changed to my account.

    Please help

  10. narayan says

    my office display is black in white i want to change in colourful i don’t know how is it changed before a week display was as usual

  11. Bob says

    I downloaded and installed the french language pack. The only thing i can do is add french to the change editing language window. I can’t change the display language.

    It won’t let me uninstall or reinstall the language pack. I don’t want to reinstall office because i live in Canada and we have expansive and very metered internet bandwidth. Downloading all the updates AGAIN will waste a lot of my monthly bandwidth.

    What should i do?

  12. Mohammad Elsheimy says

    Me too. I have gone through all the above, but nothing happened. I need to display Office Visio in English, current is Portuguese. I’ve also removed the Portuguese from the language menu but nothing happened! :((

  13. Huda says

    I tried all what above to change language to english but its failed , pls advice me wz this case.
    I used to work in english tools bar.
    Ur assistance should be highly appriciated.

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