How To Close & Delete Account

Microsoft recently unveiled its new webmail service named designed for the next billion mailboxes. The new email service from Microsoft looks modern and comes with virtually unlimited email storage space. Ability to connect to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networks, and ability to view and edit documents without leaving the are two cool features.

While most users are enjoying the new service and happy  with the clean, advertisement free and uncluttered interface, some users aren’t happy with the metro-inspired design.


Users who had sign up for to explore the new email service and now want to close the account can complete the below mentioned steps to close the account and delete all personal information.

Please note that when you close your account, your user name, password, account profile will be permanently deleted. Because of this, you won’t be able to sign in to your Microsoft account, Xbox LIVE or anywhere else using this account. Also note that you will lose access to your Messenger and Hotmail contacts.

If you have used the account that you want to close as an ID with any other websites or services, we suggest you sign in to those sites and services first and delete your personal info or change the email address to the alternate one before closing your account.

Steps to close and delete your account

Step 1: Visit, sign in with your Outlook email address that you want to close and delete.

Step 2: Click on the Options “cog” in the upper-right corner of the page and click More mail settings to open Outlook options page.

Delete or Close Account

Step 3: Under Managing your account, you will see Account details (password, addresses, time zone) option. Click on it to open Microsoft account overview page where you can edit and update your personal and security info, and also close the account.

Delete or Close Account Step1

Scroll down to see Close account option. Click on it to see Close your Microsoft account page. Here you will see what happens when you close your account.

Delete or Close Account Step2

Step 4: Scroll down the page, enter the password for your account (if you have forgotten your password, follow our how to reset or recover account password guide) and then click Next button.

Delete or Close Account Step3

Step 5: On the next page, you will see “To close your account you need to deactivate your Hotmail account” message. Click on deactivate your Hotmail account link to see a new page where you need to click Close account button to permanently close your account and delete all info.

Delete or Close Account Step4

Delete or Close Account Step5

Please note that Microsoft reserves your email address for 270 days after closing your account, and other people won’t be able to get that email address during that time. After that time, it becomes available for other people to use.



  1. Rom Da Silva says

    UPDATED (23/05/2016):

    1- Click on your display picture/figure on far top right icon of screen
    2- Click on ‘View Account’
    3- Click on ‘Security & Privacy’
    4- Click on ‘More Security Settings’
    5- Scroll down to bottom and find ‘Close my Account’ option

    Voila! Take care peeps!

  2. doll Scott says

    I totally agree with every comment!!!!!It never accept my password, no matter what I try. HELP me delete outlook from my phone!!!!!!!

  3. K says the cog in the top right options
    3.account and details(password, addresses, timezone) and privacy near the top right
    5.then click on more security settings
    6. and then right at the bottom there should be close my account

    that is until outlook decides to change it again

  4. get says is bullshitttttttttt !
    where is the option to delete your outlook accout ?
    the above step is not there. It is fake !

  5. joseph says

    I have tried every option in the book, there is no option presented anywhere to delete my account they keep telling me to go to ‘more mail settings’ and that option is nowhere to be found, very frustrating.

  6. Lee says

    You’ll have to work your way thru account settings, security and privacy, then more security setting, put a sent code, and only then you’ll find the close account…. Good luck and patience!

  7. Blake Walsh says

    I have been trying to close my account to start afresh with a more appropriate email address and the process has been beyond a joke. When i finally found the ‘de-activation’ option i was asked to enter the last 4 digits of my mobile number to verify identity with another pin code. The pin code never came (i repeated this about 8 times) When i wanted to update security the SMS Feature worked fine. Which leads me to suspect they are trying to make it as hard as possible to get rid of it (the account). I vouched to verify with an email to another account, and all that did was revert back to same page not offering a solution (some sort of weird loop). It was very confusing.

    Whence i am here posting this, this ‘deactivation process’ did not help at all.
    I went “Options-Manage Account-Account Details-View Basic Information”
    The ‘Deactivate Your Account’ Option is nowhere to be found.
    I am extremely disappointed that this hasn’t been a simple choice and i could spend my time enjoying other services.
    But i have to agree with the other commenters on here. Microsoft just seems to be arrogant.

  8. LynneD says

    I thought that I was gonna have to cut a bitch over this ridiculous carry on trying to close/delete stupid Microsoft/outlook account….. I watched videos and read instructions (which I kept forgetting and was jumping back and forth to check again and again and again)…… I swear I’m not stupid it just seems that way lol… After all of that…..I clicked on the “security” part of “manage my account” and hey presto! Away down at the bottom was “close account)……Two shakes of a lambs tail and it was all over 😀 I still can’t believe how much time I spent trying to find how to close it… following other instructions…….I think it’s perhaps slightly different depending on what device you’re using…. I could be wrong obviously but I’ve seen Four different sets of instructions……none of which were any good for me. I just decided to click on everything one after another in hope……and it worked quicker than I expected….. “Security” my arse!!!! That’s the way out!!! Utter goons whoever they are that started this pish in the first place… I’m outta there and here……and only wasted just over an hour so not too bad. Hope nobody else gets stuck in there……bloody nightmare!! Bye Bye Y’all ;D x

  9. Tai says

    I tried terminating my account with outlook over the last two weeks without any success. I tried all following instructions but I’m not getting correct programs that showing how to delete my outlook account permanently. Like the software had been hacked.

  10. Jan says


  11. helen says

    trying to delete and do not have a deactivate my account option. has anyone deleted their account please tell me how

  12. lin jennings says

    when you finally can delete outlook and microsoft in general, be sure to tell microsoft why you are doing it. Actively boycott all microsoft products, bad mouth them to anyone who’ll listen, and help anyone you can to remove microsoft. Participate in forums and let your thoughts be known about how you feel about microsoft’s business practices. Microsoft management is arrogance based and it’s because no one has really challenged them that they get away with it.

  13. lin jennings says

    I am running XP but I will be buying a new computer next month. Be assured it will not be windows based. I want to boycott any microsoft products, especially hotmail, outlook express, windows live and isn’t msn part of microsoft? If so, that’ll go too. Is it possible to completely escape microsoft? I hope so. I suppose I’ll be learning a new operating system soon and I hope I never have to deal with any more bad treatment from microsoft. The techs at the “help” desk are taught to go with the microsoft party line; Oh you will like outlook, just give it a chance. Well, I have and it is not worth having. I have gmail,yahoomail and att and I have never even come close to having the number of problems outlook has caused me. I am cancelling everything I can that even smacks of microsoft. Never thought I’d be using a mac, but it looks like I will and I’m not sure if even that will insulate me from microsoft and windows. Suggestions on my new system?

  14. Sierraman says

    Outlook simply sucks! I got one thinking I’m going to have access to great products……every download I attempt ends up pending even the free ones, yes!Now That I’ve tried over and over and over again, I’m fed up with their poor performance so I decided to close my useless account and guess what, it would not let me no mater how much I tried and it keeps popping the same message to me at the end “to be able to close your account, you must deactivate your outlook or hotmail account first”…isn’t that funny, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, deactivate my outlook account since I don’t even have a hotmail account and the going in circles and circles commences. My advice to would be, seek caution before attempting this meaningless blunder.

  15. Elly says

    ……….and clearly there is no freedom of speech when it comes to MS!
    As a lawyer I AM conversant with defamatory comment.
    This subject is a sensitive issue for MS eh?

    Poor wee souls.

  16. Elly says

    Finally I find a way to delete this garbage, and it appears that others are not succeeding! What is the point of going step by step only to find a locked and bolted door?

    The MS site has the same level of anger over this, and all their minions do is refer to ‘you will enjoy the experience’! TechnoDaleks who ignored all that was said and just chanted this mantra.
    Response was increased frustration, so they closed the thread….with the same patronising ‘kindness’!!

    WHY in hell do these ‘systems’ get worse? They are actually paid megabucks to show what idiots they are!

    Me? I walked straight into this voluntarily believing it was OE, but it is nothing more than a malignant growth.

    And user unfriendly systems will increase—because they can. They don’t give one damn for the end user because they know that for so very many ignorance is blitz!

  17. Jenn says

    When I click “deactivate hotmail account” I get to a page that then says “To close your Outlook account, you must first cancel your billing service. Go to Microsoft Account and Billing Services at” and that link does not work. If you cut and paste, it takes you to a general page with no deactivate option. From the initial page, the only other option is “cancel,” as in cancel trying to close account. It’s a complete scam. It does not allow closing the account.

  18. Dolly says

    I spent over an hour this morning trying to close this useless ‘outlook’ account which is of NO VALUE to me and others. I’ve attempted to close this account for months and months. I know how to deactivate and close it properly; yet it doesn’t allow me to. I don’t want to hear any more ridiculous excuses about subscriptions. I have none! Nor do I want other excuses from you; provide us with more information, uid … etc – to close account or what ever else you have up your sleeve in hopes that frustrated people will give up closing account after all the havoc you’re purposely causing. So you want to have all your unhappy user’s accounts to stay open in order to keep up appearances; pretending/showing that ‘outlook upgrade’ was a good business decision or a good business model – ‘so called successful’ NOT! You’re selfishly making it much more difficult for people to close their accounts. That’ll work against you in the long run. I’ve been fed up for a very long time. Your so called ‘outlook upgrade’ is a big fat FAILURE in your user’s eyes and given the proven bad experiences they’ve had and continue to have! I had a great experience with the use of ‘Windows Live or Hotmail’ The once in a blue moon little glitches they had is nothing compared to the inconvenient on-going nightmare we’re having with your negative outlook; not having a very good outcome! A few of my friends here & family members are having trouble closing their accounts as well. More friends are going to take action. They’ve signed up with reputable satisfactory functional email accounts as opposed to this outlook downer. What ever other possible tactics you’re thinking of in order to delay people from closing their accounts or a way of stopping them; is very bad business practice and bad ethics!

  19. Red says

    I HATE this OutLook.Com Web Page ITS SO AGGRAVATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Bob says

    I have on my Windows 8 machine Windows Live Mail and then I downloaded as well to see what it was all about. I find it hopeless and dislike it! Up until now I still use Windows Live Mail excellently and want to ditch Are ur instructions above basically saying that if I close my 3 email accounts in (after first taking exported files of Messages, Contacts, Calendar and Accounts from Windows Live Mail), I can then import these exported files, just mentioned, into Windows Live Mail, if nescessary a new installation of it and then people will be able to contact me on the 3 Accounts addresses I closed in and I can contact them as well and will have all my historical email messages as well? Help would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Rania says

    When i reach the page “Deactivate my hotmail account” and i click on it, it takes me to the MSN Home page ! So how can i close the account?

  22. ijaz ahmad says

    i got Outlook tacked onto my Hotmail
    How do I uninstall it so my hotmail goes back to normal the way it was, without losing a thing.. Seems very easy to get this by mistake but can’t get rid of it.

  23. sertf says

    You need to cancel any paid services or Microsoft Points account associated with your Microsoft account.

  24. George S says

    Some how i got Outlook tacked onto my Hotmail
    How do I uninstall it so my hotmail goes back to normal the way it was, without losing a thing.. Seems very easy to get this by mistake but can’t get rid of it.


  25. Ruben Smits says

    Thanks for the above mentioned steps. Very helpful.
    I switched my Hotmail (been using it for years) to Outlook, but I come across several problems concerning this Outlook+aliasHotmail account. Therefore, I want to delete my Outlook account and continue with my Hotmail account. I’m afraid I will lose my Hotmail too, when i delete my Windows Account.
    Can you help me solve this? Will I be able to delete only without losing

    Ruben Smits

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