How To Create Live USB/CD/DVD OF Vista/XP

You might already have come across many tutorials, which guide you to make Vista/XP live CD using Barts PE software. Bart’s PE procedure is pretty time consuming as well as old. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create Vista/XP live CD and Vista/XP live USB stick without using the old Barts PE freeware. Let’s start the procedure.I have tried to keep the tut as small as possible.


Required Software and other things:
1. Microsoft Windows XP/Vista CD/DVD
2. Two GB or more capacity pen drive
3. Net connection( No need to worry for speed connection. I am doing this on MO). It’s matter of few MBs
4. CD/DVD to make live CD/DVD.
5. WinBuild software, using which we are going to create live CD.

*Download the WinBuild Here (It’s just 834KBs!!!)
*Extract the file and copy it to a New Folder (Recommended requierd space is 2GB)
*Unpack and Run Winbuilder (no installation required!)
*On your mark, get set, go…

1. The first screen of WinBuilder gives you the brief explanation on how to use this magnificent program. You can read all the necessary instructions here. Press on the “Download” tab to proceed further.
2. This is the download screen of WinBuilder were you need to select required tools, drivers and other crusial applications required for a live CD/USB. As you can see in the screen shot you need to select one option from the three(‘Recommended’ or ‘Complete’ or ‘Minimum’) options in the drop down menu. You can further remove from the list which shows just below these three options.

3. After selecting required option,press ‘Download’ button which is located just below the left side pane. Time required to download depends on what optins you have selected in the left side pane just before. Download size is around 40 MB.

4. The next one is ‘Scripts’ tab.Once again you will see a list of options on the left pane of the wizard. Here, check the ‘VistaPE MUltiboot’/XP option and expand the tree further.

5. Expand the tree named ‘Applications’.In this option, you will see all the available sections of applications,which you can add to your live Vista/XP CD/USB.

6. Next screen is ‘Finalize’ option. It might take few minutes to build the live media.If you like to create live CD select the ‘Create ISO’ option and provide the label for the CD.

7. Suppose, if you planning to make a bootable USB drive, then select the ‘Copy to USB device’ option.
8. Click on the ‘Paths’ tab, and provide the path of the USB drive, which has the Windows Vista/XP DVD in the source directory filed and click on the ‘Play’ button.

9. Extraction process takes place. Wait for a minute.
Wait for few seconds to see you. Burn the ISO to get your dream live Windows.

10. Now, your bootable USB/CD is ready.

11. Insert the CD/USB and kick start your live Windows operating syste.
Note: Make sure your system supports ‘booting from the USB’ before creating the live USB. Under vista you will need to disable the UAC (User Account Control)



  1. Tone says

    Also , I wouldnt be as interested in this unless the Live USB version saves all changes and activity, like persistence in linux. SOmeone needs to build a Live Win XP USB maker that includes a 4 GB virtual disk file to act as the C: . though a Live read only system is also a bit interesting, persistence would be much better. thats what my tips i wrote are for… the tips also apply to those who have an SSD drive & windows. Now-A-Days memory is so much, you can do all the tips I said and still have plenty of RAM. theres NO NEED WHATSOEVER for pagefiling, despite debates about it on illogical web pages pretending that there are pro’s and con’s

  2. Tone says

    And then also, does this program write the .iso and boot sector to the USB to make it bootable? it should be included in this program, not searching for another.

  3. sigh says

    The modern version of WinBuilder is just plain text?! How do I create a USB from this .ISO it created?

  4. 2a55 says

    this one was the most misleading and misguiding tutorial cannot get wher to go to do what. do this and dat and ur done.

  5. Joanne says

    How to unsecure my computer in order the download go ahead because everytime the security destricted the upload.

  6. Russell says

    Thanks for the info. So many things I can’t do on Ubunutu netbook. Hopefully this will solve that!!

  7. jape says

    email me if u hav an answer to this:

    i hav a windows vinnea (windows 7) cd. does anyone hav any clue how to make it a live cd/usb without having to install it (my computer cant handle it, my mac can, but i dotn wana boot camp my mac…)

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