How To Create Windows 8 Recovery CD

We have previously shown you how to create a Windows 8 recovery USB flash drive to fix Windows startup issues and access advanced tools such as Reset PC, Refresh PC, boot options, and Command Prompt without booting into Windows.

While having a recovery drive is always a good idea, not everyone has a spare USB flash drive. So, users who don’t have a spare flash drive may want to have a bootable recovery CD/DVD. In this guide, we are going to show you how to create a bootable Windows 8 recovery CD/DVD. The recovery disc includes all troubleshooting tools and options present in recovery drive.

Step 1: Press Windows + Q to see settings Search charm, type Windows 7 File Recovery (Yes, it’s Windows 7), and press enter key to open the same.

Create Windows 8 System Recovery CD or DVD Step2

Step 2: In the left-pane, click Create a system repair disc option to launch Create a System Repair Disc dialog.

Create Windows 8 System Recovery CD or DVD

Step 3: Select your CD/DVD drive from the drop-down menu, insert a blank CD/DVD into the drive, and then click Create disc button to start burning your Windows 8 Recovery disc. Windows may take a while to create your recovery CD/DVD. You are done! Store the recovery CD/DVD in a safe place”.

Create Windows 8 System Recovery CD or DVD Step6

Create Windows 8 System Recovery CD or DVD Step7

Please note that 32-bit recovery disc can’t be used to repair 64-bit Windows 8 and vice versa. That is, if you have 32-bit Windows 8 recovery disc, you can use to repair 32-bit Windows 8 only and can’t use the same to troubleshoot and repair 64-bit Windows 8. Also note that Windows 8 recovery disc can’t be used to repair previous versions of Windows.

To be able to boot from the recovery CD/DVD, you need to first change the boot priority to boot from CD/DVD under BIOS. You might also like to know how to create a custom Refresh PC after installing your apps, and how to Reset or Refresh Windows 8 PC without the installation media.



  1. xception says

    Just go to the startscreen and type: “recoverydrive” (without quotes) and hit ENTER. It will ask you to create a USB stick with repair options like system restore, command prompt, startup repair, … .

    If you want to skip USB and create a repair CD instead (which contains the same options as above), just type “recdisc.exe” (without quotes) in the startscreen and hit ENTER. You’ll get right into the repair disc creation menu. If only Microsoft would ask people to create such a CD or usb stick. That would be handy as F8 has disappeared.

  2. George K says

    NeoSmart technologies repair cds from were updated for Windows 8. I used it last week when this cd didn’t help and they got my pc working agani.

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