How To: Customize & Install New Mouse Pointer In Windows 7

We all love to have nice animated mouse cursors, unfortunately Microsoft has not introduced a new mouse pointer with Windows 7 and Windows 7 carries the same mouse pointer introduced with its predecessor Vista.  Though, the default mouse pointer looks good, you might want to customize it to you liking.

If you don’t like the default mouse pointer of Windows 7, you can either install a new mouse pointer or you can choose any other simple pointer from the available one.

How to customize or select a simple mouse pointer:

Step1: Type main.cpl either in Start menu search box or in Run dialog box, and hit enter.

Step 2: Move to Pointers tab.

Step 3: Select a new Pointer Scheme from the drop down menu.


Step 4: Click Apply.

Thousands of free mouse pointers are available to download from the web. And fortunately, installing a new mouse pointer isn’t as tedious as installing third-party themes (visual styles) in Windows. You can download any of them designed for Windows and install easily on your Windows 7 PC. Make sure you download mouse pointers from a trusted source to avoid viruses and other threats.

How to install a new mouse pointer:

Step 1: Download and extract mouse pointer to C:\Windows\Cursors folder(Where “C” is your OS drive).

Step 2: Type main.cpl either in Start menu search box or in Run dialog box, and hit enter.

Step 3: Move to Pointers tab.

Step 4: Just input the cursor you want to use by hitting browse button on the right and navigating to your new pointer (C:\Windows\Cursors) folder.

Step 5: Click Apply.

Step 6: You can also save your new cursor by a desired name by hitting Save As button.

Don’t forget to download Microsoft Keyboard and Mice Center program for Windows 7 to easily tweak and customize Microsoft mouse and keyboards. Please note that Keyboard and Mice Center is compatible with keyboards and mouses manufactured by Microsoft only.



  1. Mouse Auto Clicker says

    Thanks for your simple post about modify mouse pointers for windows 7. I think modify mouse pointer will performance it will take some long time. Your steps are useful.

  2. Dennis says

    I wanted info on installing a new mouse. Don’t see it, even though that’s the key word I entered.

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