How To Easily Disable Ease Of Access Button In Windows 7 Logon Screen

Ease of Access is a feature available in Windows 7 and Vista to quickly access various programs and settings that make the computer easier and more comfortable to use.

logon screen

If you have been using Windows 7, you may have noticed the small Ease of Access button on the bottom left corner of your logon screen. This button allows you quickly access Ease of Access features such as narrator, magnifier, high contrast, on-screen keyboard, sticky keys and filer keys right from the logon screen.

 ease of access

But most of the Windows users don’t use Ease Of Access button on the logon screen and some even want to disable the same.  Users who prefer not to have the Ease Of Access button on the logon screen can now use a small tool disable the same with a click.

Ease of Access Disabler is a small tool for Windows 7 and Vista that enables you disable Ease of Access button on the logon screen in a few clicks.

How to use Easy of Access Disabler:

Step 1: Download, install and run Ease of Access Disabler.

Step 2: Select your language and click Next button to continue.

Ease of Access Disabler

Step 3: Again, click Next button.

Ease of access disabler step 2

Step 4: Now click Disable button to disable Ease of Access button in your Windows 7 logon screen.

ease of access disabler step 3

Step 5: Click Next button and then exit to finish the procedure.

From now on, whenever you click the Ease of Access button in the logon screen, you will be shown Ease of Access has been disabled by your Administrator message.

easy of access disabled in windows 7 logon



  1. shirley says

    i have done the same as sandy b …i enabled 3 items and now cant reverse…its a real nuisance and i wish i hadnt done it….but how can i reverse it…there seems to be no answers to this…its so frustrating…

  2. Ruth Ann says

    Your information is worthless. I can’t even get OFF the sign in screen !! The stupid voice comes on when I try to click on anything. Re-do your instruction page please !!

  3. GiVi21 says

    You can do what article says. Or you can delete utilman.exe. Maybe you will need Administrator privileges.

  4. Sandy B says

    I clicked the ease of access button – adjusted contrast on my Sony Laptop windows 7. I wish I never did that and have tried to go back to what it was. Can’t do it. Please tell me how I get the contrast back to what it was.

  5. fakeralsfake says

    I’ve installed the program and disabled the ease of access button; however, it didn’t disappear 🙁

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