How To Enable Two Finger Tap For Right Click In Windows

The context menu, the menu that appears when you right-click on a file/folder or anywhere on desktop or Windows Explorer (File Explorer) is one of the most used features of Windows. The context menu is usually accessed by clicking the right button on a mouse or by clicking the bottom-right area of a trackpad (some trackpads even include dedicated left and right buttons).

The trackpad in all models of Apple MacBook come with some fantastic trackpad gestures that for some reason not available in Windows powered laptops. Two finger scrolling and two finger tapping (to perform right-click action) are the two most useful trackpad gestures available on Mac laptops.

enable two finger tapping in Windows

While users who have installed Windows on a Mac using Boot Camp can enable two finger scrolling and tapping with two fingers to perform right-click under Boot Camp settings, other users have very limited options.

If your laptop is equipped with Synaptics touchpad and you’re running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can easily enable two finger scrolling without using third-party tools. However, if you’re on Windows 7, you need to use a third-party tool called Two Finger Scroll to enable the feature.

In order to enable two finger tap gesture, you will have to use Two Finger Scroll tool again. Two Finger Scroll is a small utility designed to help you enable two-finger scrolling, two-finger tapping, and customize the default trackpad gestures in Windows.

The only catch with this tool is that your laptop must be using Synaptics touchpad. In other words, this tool might not work on laptops using touchpads other than Synaptics.

If you love the idea of tapping the trackpad with two fingers to perform right-click action, you can follow the given below instructions to enable two finger tapping in Windows with the help of Two Finger Scroll tool.

Even though Two Finger Scroll was last updated back in 2009, it’s compatible with all recent versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and the latest Windows 8.1.

How to enable two-finger tap for right-click in Windows:

Step 1: Head over to this page and download Two Finger Scroll zip file.

Step 2: Extract the zip file to get Two Finger Scroll executable file and double-click on the same to run it.

Step 3: Right-click on Two Finger Scroll system tray icon, make sure that the option titled Active is selected, and then click Settings to open TwoFingerScroll Settings dialog.

Enable Two Finger Tap to right click picture1

Enable Two Finger Tap to right click picture2

Step 4: Here, switch to Tapping tab, expand Two Fingers drop-down menu, and then select Right button option. Click Ok. That’s it!

Enable Two Finger Tap to right click picture5

From now on, simultaneously tapping two fingers on your trackpad will perform right-click action. For instance, when the mouse pointer is on the desktop, you can reveal the desktop context menu by simultaneously tapping two fingers on the trackpad.

As we have already mentioned, those of you running Windows on Mac using Boot Camp can enable two finger tap by opening Boot Camp Control Panel (right-click on Boot Camp icon running in system tray on taskbar) and then enabling Secondary tap option present under Trackpad tab.



  1. zuan1993 says

    This program works with my laptop running on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. But, I have a problem with this software. My laptop stop responding when I set it to automatically start up. So, I suggest “start with windows” button should not be click. By the way, thanks for this website owner because show me about this software.

  2. Akiko says

    I downloaded the latest version, and every time I keep trying to open the settings, at first it would let me but then it would suddenly have an error saying that the .exe file has stopping working.
    Is there anything I can do to fix this?

  3. Tiffanie says

    On the bit where you select what two finger tap does, is one of the options middle click? I don’t want to download it until I know. Thanks.

  4. Max says

    I am getting “Class not registered error while executing the file”. I tried all versions

  5. Al says

    My two finger tap quit working after installing windows 10 evaluation copy but this program brought it back to life. Great work whoever wrote the code. Truly appreciated.

  6. Nick says

    This works like a charm, but is inactive again each time I boot up, and I have to enable it again. This is doable obviously, but it’s kind of a pain. Has anyone else had this problem, and does anyone know how to rectify it?

  7. anon says

    Thanks for this! My mouse buttons decided to die on me today so this was a life saver. Thank you!

  8. Jamal says

    Thank you !! Worked like a charm ! It was so annoying to loose the feature. Again, thank you admin or whoever came up with this solution.

  9. ArbitraryHubris says

    OhNotAgain, you made me laugh. You’re so anti-apple that you troll sites where apple is brought up to scream at people for being apple suckers. Politics is a much richer source of acid rhetoric; you should check it out. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this solution. I love my mac trackpad two-finger tap for right-click and that’s all I was missing on my Razer Blade 14″.

  10. marit says

    Anyone knows why this message appear?

    Class not registered.

    I really need to get tap working on my Mac running Windows..

  11. Samonac says

    You just changed my life! My touchpad’s right click is dead, and I was looking for a smart and compact application. Glad to see it’s easily possible to change other features as well.

  12. OhNotAgain says

    Ok, my comment must be moderated by YOU, a likely censoring apple, steve jobs, dick sucking a-hole who is too stupid to realize what he is, and therefore thinks otherwise. Why the anger? Because it makes no difference anyway. With some people good advertising (apple), feelings, emotions override any logic what so ever.

  13. OhNotAgain says

    Ok Mr. Apple salesman. If you are unable to see that by virtue of it being a Mac, that due to all it’s’ negatives which out weigh the benefits of a windows system, it’s not worth mentioning, then you are ridiculous. You are like, “Oh wow, macs are great. I just got burned several hundred dollars for a slow piece of hardware, running OSX which lacks many many features that windows has, but I will point out the trackpad stuff just in case I can sell a mac for apple”. I hate people like you because you are idiots, and usually follow their advertising, which means you are likely under 35, and part of the group that apple got started when they were 25 and under and thus credulous due to inexperience. If you are going to point out a windows deficit, then point out an equal proportion of mac deficits and you’ll find they absolutely suck and are over priced. Jerk

  14. John says

    $5000 Alienware laptop and I had to use this to get the touchpad to work right. Thank you so much!

  15. monu says

    this inversed the scroll pattern.while moving fingers downwards the screen moves upwards as against the stock settings where screen moves downward if the hand is moved downwards

  16. Jayesh says

    Thanks a ton my friend.. This really solved my query.. I have been looking for this since soooooo long..

    Thanks a lot again. Yayyyyy 🙂

  17. Circe Link says

    Thank You for this easy fix!!! I hate Windows 8 with a passion and this work around makes my life a little better.

  18. admin says

    Thanks, Robert. I was not aware of that. I can’t see the option to enable in my Synaptics settings.

  19. Robert says

    Most current Synaptics drivers already include it. If it isn’t then it is for a reason although some touchpads did support it anyways. Obviously this doesn’t speak for the other brands of touch pads included out there.

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