How To Import Photos From iPhone To Windows 10/8

Do you want to import photos from iPhone to Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC? Check out these two methods to easily transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

Apple iPhone is still one of the best smartphones out there and selling pretty well in spite of stiff competition from the beautiful Nokia Lumia 950 and powerful Galaxy S6. We all use our iPhones to catch memorable moments and would like to keep a backup of photos on our PCs.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows 8 PC

If you own an iPhone/iPad and would like to transfer your photos from iPhone to your Windows 8/8.1 PC or tablet, you can do so with a few clicks or taps.

The native Photos app in Windows 8 or Windows 10 not only lets you view pictures but also allows you import pictures from your smartphones and digital cameras. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to safely transfer photos from your iPhone to your Windows 8 or Windows 10 PC without the need of iTunes or any other third-party tools.

Importing photos from iPhone to Windows 10/8

Method 1:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC using the connection cable provided by Apple. Check your iPhone screen now. You might see a notification with Trust option. Top Trust option to continue.

Step 2: The moment Windows recognizes your iPhone, you will see a toast notification on the upper right of the screen asking Tap to choose what happens with this device.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step1

And if this notification isn’t appearing on your screen, it’s because you have either disabled the toast notification feature or turned on hide notification for 1, 4, or 8 hours option. In this case, you can follow the instructions provided in Method 2 to import your iPhone photos.

Step 3: Click or tap the notification to see three options: Import photos and videos, Open device to view files, and Take no action.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step2

Click or tap Import photos and videos option. This action will open all photos on your iPhone in Windows 8’s Photos app.

Step 4: Select photos and videos that you wish to import and then click or tap Import button to start copying all photos from your iPhone to PC.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step3

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step8

Step 5: Once Photos app completes its business, you’ll see an option to open up the folder to view imported photos. You can also close Photos app if you would like to view photos later.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step9

All imported photos are located in Pictures library. To open Pictures library, open up Computer (File Explorer) or any other folder, and then click Pictures option located in the left pane. Good luck!

Another way to import pictures from iPhone to Windows 8/10

Method 2: Use this method if you have already connected your iPhone to Windows 8 PC.

If this is the first time you are connecting the iPhone to your PC, you might a get a notification on your iPhone with Truest option. Tap the Trust button to continue.

Step 1: Switch to the Start screen, click or tap Photos app tile to run the app.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step

Step 2: Right-click anywhere on the Photos app to see Import option in the lower right corner of the screen.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step6

Step 3: Click or tap Import button to view list of all connected devices to your PC.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step7

Step 4: Click or tap your iPhone entry, select photos and videos that you would like to import, and then click or tap Import button to start transferring selected photos and videos to your PC.

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step3

Import iPhone Photos to Windows Step9

Photos app saves all imported photos in Pictures library. You can view all imported photos either using Photos app, Windows Photo Viewer, or any other program.



  1. Toby says

    This photos app is (cr-)app. Every time I plug in my iPhone it seeks to take ALL of those photos in; it doesn’t recognise which are new and which it already has in the system. What a massive pain in the app. BUt if I right click on the iPhone in file explorer it automatically recognises the new pictres and only imports them.

  2. Karen says

    I’m with Jill & Anastasia, Windows 10 will not import pics from my iphone 5. This is really frustrating. I’m sorry I ever changed to Windows 10.

  3. Tommmmmy233 says

    Seems too easy to use…But it didn’t work bro!
    I just use the old method to import photos from iPhone To windows 10/8 by the FonePaw iOS Transfer. Although it just can have a trial for month, it’s simple to use then, and transfer a large number documents. And their website has tutorial. hxtp://

  4. Jill says

    I have windows 10 and When I click import, it only sees 7 photos of my 1,000+! This is so frustrating. Please explain how I can get my pictures on to this damn computer.

  5. Anastasia Benton says

    I had no problem with Windows 8. Windows 10 won’t import my photos at all.

  6. Jean says

    Neither of these methods is working for my Iphone. It simply does not recognize that it is connected, although I can use it in itunes. For some reason, it is not recognizing it as a camera. Are there any other methods of importing photos?

  7. I.L. says

    Ridiculous!! I have over 3400 pics on my iphone. I want them there. Periodically i want to copy my most recent pics to the Windows PC. I have found no way to keep the PC from having to read ALL the picture files before it allows me to select the latest ones for copying. It takes forever, and often crashes in the attempt. I too hate Windows 8.

  8. Nancy says

    I want to thank the person who detailed the procedure for these two methods. I was able to FINALLY import my photos from my iphone to my Lenovo laptop (piece of junk) with the 8.1 OS (also piece of junk). In the future, I will buy an Apple laptop. 8.1 is the worst excuse for an OS I have ever seen, and the procedure above certainly outlines just how non-intuitive and convoluted it really is.

    Does anyone know how to move these uploaded photos from the Photos app to either a file or better, a file in my “Documents”? I was able to make a new file in the Photos App, but saw no way to move any photos into that file or how to move them anywhere else. They just seem to be stuck in a file entitled with the upload date.


  9. Jeff says

    Is there a setting to delete the photos from the device when the import is finished? Also, importing photos with earlier versions of MS had an option to rename the destination folder and prefix the file names, but I was not given this option. Is there a setting to manage how the import is handled?

  10. kathleen says

    I am so fed up with Microsoft/ Windows 8- now they are advertising 10!!! they all STINK !!!
    I am so fed up with APPLE when are any of these companies going to make a product that
    will be user friendly and interface with other products.
    This is just another fine example of why we as an entire nation continue to fall behind
    other countries !!!!

  11. CJ Vicknair says

    When I wire my Apple iphone 5s to my Windows 8 laptop and select the photos app, then select import a message appears saying no devices found even though it is connected, unlocked and turned on. How frustrating!

  12. Gabby says

    Here are a couple of ways to manually import your pictures off your iPhone and onto a Windows 8 computer.

    Method 1: If, when you plug your phone to your computer and you get a screen that says, ‘There are no files to view” then exit out of the phone app entirely. Return to your Windows Start screen and double-click the app. Now you’ll be back in Photo Library. Out to the right side of the screen right click in the open space. When you do a tool bar will appear at the bottom and you will click on the import icon. A ‘Choose a device to import’ notification box will appear and select your device that you want pictures exported from. Apple iPhone will scan for media then will give you the ability to select individual photos and import them, or you can you the icon at the bottom of the screen that will select all photos. When you click the ‘select all’ icon at the bottom another tool bar will appear and display the icon to import files. Click on the import files icon and let the importing begin.

    Method 2: Navigate your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen. A tool bar of commands should appear and click on the ‘setting’ icon. Then click on the ‘control panel’ icon. Click on ‘hardware and sound’ Then click on ‘autoplay’. Scroll towards the bottom until you see ‘devices’. Under ‘devices’ you should see Apple iPhone and then click on the downward arrow and select ‘import photos and videos (photo)’. Click the save button. It will then return you to the Hardware and sound window, Before the importing process can begin, you must unlock your phone then connect your phone to your computer. You will be then taken to the Apple iPhone window where all of your pictures from your phone will appear selected with a checkmark in top right corner. At the bottom of your screen you will see the import icon and click on it to begin the importing process.

    I hope this was helpful.

  13. Bill says

    After connecting your Iphone—don’t forget to put in your 4 digit code to unock your phone

  14. Sharon says

    Method 2 works excellent–when you select the photos to import and it says there is no files, just be patient –it
    will show in the upper right corner of the screen that importing has started.

  15. Grace says

    If anyone is getting the message ‘There are no items to view’ or anything along those lines. Try turning your Bluetooth on. I was trying to do this for half an hour before I realised that may be the problem.

  16. korin says

    this is the most confusing ridiculously set up program I have ever dealt wit. everything is SO different than anything before it, it’s not a learning curve, its a learning deficit. if I had known what trouble this would be, I would have never made this purchase. Even the language is unnecessarily foreign. I have apple phone, tv and ipad, and everything is seamlessly connected. This laptop is bulky and grouped in all the wrong ways.

    I cannot upload my photos because the requested resource is in use. What does that even mean?

  17. Someone says

    got a question, I don’t c any import button in “pictures” .. I connected my iPhone and pressed the button trust already, what is wrong with it?

  18. Cheryl says

    Ditto on the Windows 8 horrible piece of programming!!!! Completely non user friendly and I have worked professionally with computers and software for 40 years.

  19. Jonathan says

    Finally, someone with the same question as me. I can transfer my photos to PC with ease. My problem is, are there no import options on Win 8? In Win 7, even while the photos were being copied, I could click on import options and choose to delete the photos off of my device, and to rotate pictures to their correct orientation. It seems Win 8 took a step backwards, or hid said options somewhere deep within the software that makes it easier to get a root canal than to have to deal with importing pictures to my PC. Any ideas anyone?

  20. Kat says

    I need to get my photos off of my phone ASAP, but no, when I open it up and follow all the directions.. the stupid “There are no files to view” error pops up. Windows 8 is total shit!! DO NOT get it! I’m so tired of this, and it needs to be fixed. Wtf microsoft??

  21. Steve says

    I used method 2 and it worked great the screen on the right said file empty but the top right said it was copying and presto everything was there after it finished copying. Thanks for the help

  22. Beth Day says

    Windows 8 sucks! Photos imported but disappeared somewhere in the fog of windows 8. Picture Library says no files or folders in this view. I followed all steps and got all the way to Done!…. ok where are they? Sooooooooo frustrating!!!

  23. Anthony says

    Woindows 8.1 is about the worst program I have ever tried to use and help doesn’t appear possible! Advice – stay away from 8.1 at all costs.

  24. Linda Swenson says

    Hate Windows 8. Have used Vista, 7 and every other Windows program there has been and did fine with all of them. Why on earth was 8 invented? Nothing works. Directions are horrible and almost nonexistant and confusing. Get rid of it!!!! Whoever decided 8 was a good idea was a nut case!

  25. admin says

    You don’t need any third-party applications to import and view pictures. Just use the native Photos app in Windows 8/8.1 for the job.

  26. jimholy says

    It is possible to view your media without any third party applications? Wow, I thought FonePaw iOS Transfer was doing that for me. And it also can import photos from iPhone to Windows or Mac computer with ease.

  27. Elise Pear says

    i am so detesting the nuisance that 8.1 is. trying to follow directions to download all the fotos on my iphone to make that useable but NO luck..

  28. Quentin says

    left scratching my head wondering at the “no files” message…..then it auto picked up the pics… do have to make sure you click the “trust this device” on your phone…..then give it time while it is evidently searching….once it starts finding the pics the import button becomes live…
    Windows 8 is hideous piece of shit, its non intuitive and clumsy – hate it…..everyday I have battles with it and been using MS software since 1993, this is by far the worst theye ever released

  29. Angela says

    I just got my windows 8 today, there is no import button on the photo section at all! What is wrong with this thing?!

  30. Chelsea says

    When I clicked import nothing happened. But then I realized I had to click “Trust” on my iPhone first, and then I was able to import pictures.

  31. David says

    Me too. Windows 8 is the WORST product ever from Microsoft. Balmer should not retire, he should be tar and feathered for allowing such a bad product to be brought to market. Microsoft is a big loser with Windows 8. EVERYBODY I know that uses Windows 8 cusses and has a miserable experience.

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