How To Reinstall Windows Media Player In Windows 10/7

As I have mentioned before in how to set Windows Media Player as default music player in Windows 10 guide, I use the default Windows Media Player as my primary media player. But for some unknown reasons, Windows Media Player stopped working this morning. In fact, I am not even able to run WMP now.

 windows media player

After messing with it around for a little while, I found reinstalling the WMP is the final solution as I was in hurry.

If you too have a serious issue with Windows Media Player and want to repair it quickly, you can reinstall the program to fix it.

Reinstall Windows Media Player

Step 1: Type appwiz.cpl in Start menu search box and hit enter to launch Program and Features window. Users on Windows 10 can also type the same in the Start menu or taskbar search box and then hit Enter key.

reinstall Windows Media player in windows 7

Step 2: In the left pane, click Turn Windows features on or off option to see Windows Features window.

Reinstall Windows Media Player

Step 3: Here expand Media Feature list and then uncheck Windows Media Player box. If you are prompted with “this will also turn of Windows Media Center” message simply click Yes as you will reinstall it later.

reinstall windows media player 2

reinstall windows media player 3

Step 4: You will be asked to Reboot your PC to uninstall WMP. Hit Restart now button to do so.

reinstall windows media player 4

Step 5: As you need to reinstall Windows Media Player, you need to install WMP again. Once again, open Windows Features window, tick the Windows Media Player & Windows Media Center Media Center boxes and then click Ok button to begin installing the WMP & WMC again.

Reinstall Windows Media Player 1

Good luck!



  1. Sanjeev says


    I uninstalled windows media using this method but when i try to reinstall window media again, i could not did this because windows features show a message”An error has occurred. Not all of the features were successfully changed”. so please if somebody can help me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. tom the peeper says

    This fix is misleading.
    THIS DOES NOT UNINSTALL WMP. It simply reboots it
    and I’ve tried this method… It doesn’t work.
    The error message I keep getting is ‘Sever execution failed’
    A Pain in the arse (not ass) that has been going on for months

  3. Josh says

    Following your instructions after having removed windows media player 12 and seeing that is not replaceable with wmp 11, I tried to re-install wmp 12. Now the window “programs and features” opens up with nothing on it!.
    I’ll be for ever gratefull for any help you you can give.


  4. Samuel says

    It Doesn’t solved my problem it give me the Error “An Error Has occurred, Not All Features were Successfully Changed”

    Please Help ! Thank U

  5. misti says

    HELP!! I have tried this method twice and WMP will not work. The short cuts are there and it is in all the places it should be but when I click to open it…nothing happens, no error message or anything. Please help me out here because I have no clue what else to do. Thanks soooo much!

  6. Conrad says

    Thanks ! It works for me.

    Windows why why do they change the ordinary way of uninstall programs. No wonder APPLE is growing.

  7. ChrisR says


    I have tried virtually everything to fix my WMP 12 including most suggested including Turn Windows features off, then on after restart and FixWMP utility.
    No results, the player just “stops working” and windows is looking for a solution……
    I suspect it has to do with some codecs I have installed…
    Anybody has other solutions?

    Thank you

  8. Saud says

    i want to install windows media player 9 series on windows 7 but i cant find any wmp 9 setup for win-7.wat can i do??

  9. Frukoz says

    For anyone who has tried EVERYTHING in this article and is still having problems…

    I had to uninstall PlayReady and as soon as that was done, Sky player, MSN Video Player, and Search functions became available.

    – Go to control panel
    – Click on “Programs and Features”
    – Uninstall “Playready PC Runtime amd64”
    – Restart WMC and all options should now be available (no need to even download in my case)

    Hope this helps.

  10. David says

    Thank you so much! It worked like a charm! 🙂 It saved me from having to transfer all of my music to another media player.

  11. Davian says

    I uninstalled windows media using this method but when i try to reinstall media center again, i could not did this because windows features show a message ” an error has occurred” whit windows center. so please if somebody can help me. I’ll be thankful. i hope you guys understand me!!!

  12. Jason says

    Thanks a lot! Someone seemed to have disabled WMP on my computer and I was having a great deal of trouble getting it back (since it’s not available for download on

  13. chikku says

    I would like to know how to install windows media player 9 in windows 7, as i have some applications which runs with wmp 9 only…

  14. Elizabeth Jane says

    I have an Aireo “Element” SoniqCast Wifi-enabled MP3 player which I purchased five or six years ago. I am now using Windows 7 on a notebook and I cannot install the software on the Aireo – the software (which is needed for me to connect my Aireo wirelessly to my computer) downloads the software automatically onto my computer when connected via USB, as it is supposed to, but the install of the (1) SoniqSync, (2) MUSICMATCH Jukebox and (3) Windows Media Player 9 (required) fails when the installer tries to install Windows Media Player 9, because it is blocked by Windows 7. It doesn’t matter that I have WMP12 on my computer, the installation is blocked, and that is the end of the story!

    This is a quote from the Aireo manual:

    “The SoniqSync Installation Wizard will install Windows Media Player 9 Series. SoniqSync requires this version (or newer) of Windows Media Player. If Windows Media Player 9 Series (or newer) is already installed on your PC, the SoniqSync Installation Wizard will not re-install the application.”

    … but that shouldn’t mean that it won’t install anything at all – Windows has screwed up somewhere, with Windows 7, I think – Windows MP12 should not prevent this installation of an MP3 player’s software package from proceeding when the software doesn’t have any objections to later versions of Windows Media Player?!

    If I uninstalled Windows MP12 could I safely install and use WMP9, instead, in Windows 7? … And if so, will that be the (albeit small) price I have to pay for being able to keep using my Aireo MP3 player?

  15. Nelson says

    I managed to instal the windows media player, but the original problems I had with it, still remains.
    Some albuns just don’t show at library, and i can’t eliminate moved albuns.

  16. admin says

    Try repairing WMP using Fix WMP tool. Or else, use system restore point to restore it the earlier state.

  17. Nelson says

    I was having some problems with my windows media player (windows 7 version), so i decided to reinstall it, like you have done in your tutorial.

    I uninstalled it successfully, but, when i try to install it again, I either get a blue screen, or my pc just crashs :s
    Any solutions apart installing the windows 7 again? :S

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