How To Update Metro Apps In Windows 8

With Windows 8, your entire PC is cloud-connected. Windows 8 ships with some quality Metro-style apps such as Mail, SkyDrive, People, Messaging, Calendar, and Photos that help you keep connected to your favorite cloud services.

Windows 8 users can always download new apps from the Windows Store just with the help of your Microsoft account (see how to install apps from Windows Store). A number of free and paid apps available at the store. If you have already downloaded some apps and you might want to know how to update Metro-style apps. It’s fairly simple.

Just like in Windows Phone, whenever there is an update available for an app, you will see notification on the Store app tile. For instance, in the below picture, you can see that I have a total of four app updates pending:

Update Metro Apps In Windows 8 Step1

To update apps, click on the Store app tile. It will open Windows Store. Here on the upper right corner, you will see “Updates (number)”. Clicking on the Updates will bring the list of app updates. For example, as you can see in the below image, updates are available for Maps, Weather, Finance and Solitaire apps.

Update Metro Apps In Windows 8

Update Metro Apps In Windows 8 Step2

Update Metro Apps In Windows 8 Step3

By default, all apps updates are selected for installation. If you want to exclude an update, simply deselect the update by right-clicking on the tile. Finally, click Install button to begin installing updates. Depending on the number and size of updates, this step may take awhile. When the updates are being installed, you will see “Installing apps” on the upper right corner of the screen.

Update Metro Apps In Windows 8 Step4


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