KeyLemon: Login To Windows Using Face Recognition

Do you love to login to your Windows user account with a smile? Do you have a netbook, notebook or PC with a webcam? If so, here is a free and excellent software that lets you login by face recognition instead of entering your password.

KeyLemon is an excellent software to ease and secure the login process in Windows. By installing KeyLemon, you can automatically login to your user account without touching the keyboard and mouse. In case your webcam or KeyLemon stops working, you can manually login by typing your username and password.

Another interesting feature of this software is that it supports multiple user accounts as well. If you have two or more user accounts, KeyLemon automatically recognizes your face and logs you into the right account.

How to setup and use KeyLemon:

Step 1: Connect your webcam to the PC, install necessary drivers provided by the webcam manufacturer and make sure that the camera working. If you own a notebook or netbook with built-in camera, just download the necessary drivers and install them.

Step 2: Visit this page, download KeyLemon installer and then run the setup file to install KeyLemon on your PC.

Step 3: On the first run, KeyLemon Wizard will appear. The wizard will help you select the your webcam and create a face model to login to Windows. You can also manually launch the wizard by opening KeyLemon Control Center and then clicking on Wizard button.

KeyLemon Setup

Step 4: In the wizard, select your webcam, and position yourself in front of the camera to fit the drawn shape. Click Next button to continue.

KeyLemon Setup1

Step 5: Here, again, you need to take the correct position in front of the camera. When the camera and KeyLemon detect your face, it will show a green button, indicating that KeyLemon has successfully recognized your face. Click on the Adapt your face model button to create your face model. Wait until the progress bar reaches the 100 percent mark.

Once done, click Next button.

KeyLemon Setup2

Step 6: This is the last step of the wizard. Here, you need to enter a name for your face model and also you need enter your Windows user account password for adding the newly created face model to Windows.

KeyLemon Setup5

Finally, click Finish button to close the wizard. You are done! You have successfully  setup KeyLemon. From now onwards, you will see a KeyLemon thumbnail in the logon screen. Upon recognizing your face, KeyLemon will automatically login to your account. An option will also be available to login using your Windows user account password, in case you need.

Please note that the free version of KeyLemon includes only basic features. Basic version of KeyLemon is free and works good. Gold and Bronze versions of KeyLemon are also available with additional features and security.

The current version (v2.6) of KeyLemon officially supports both x86 and x64 versions of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. To install it on Windows 8, you need to run the installer in compatibility mode. To do this, right-click on the installer > Properties > Compatibility and then select Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows Vista operating system. Click Apply button and then double-click on the setup file to begin the installation.

Do note that KeyLemon also lets you login to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts using your face. We will cover more about this feature soon.



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