Recover Windows 7 Product Key With Windows Key Finder

We have already shown how to recover Windows 7 product key using KeyFinder tool. Like KeyFinder, Windows Key Finder is another handy tool to quickly recover lost Windows 7, Vista or XP key in a jiffy.

Windows Key Finder

Windows Key Finder program simply decodes the encoded product key stored at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion node of the registry in a value called DigitalProductId.


This is a standalone tool and simple-to-use as well. Download, extract and run the utility to view your Windows product key. Note that this tool only retrieves Windows product key and can’t be used to recover Microsoft Office product key.


The program also displays some valuable information like your Windows install date, system type, OS build number, total amount of RAM, processor, registered owner and more.

Download Windows Key Finder


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