Remove Babylon Search From Firefox, Chrome And Internet Explorer

The other day I installed Super video converter software on my Windows 8 PC to convert a video file from one format to another. Soon after the installation, I realized that Babylon was also installed during setup. The problem with Babylon Search is that it over takes your web browser home page and search engine.

Babylon is basically an add-on for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome web browsers. It is pretty much similar to the “Ask Toolbar”. Many of you might be looking for a way to get rid of Babylon search from your web browsers. You can follow the steps given below to remove Babylon Search from your web browsers.

How to remove Babylon Search from Firefox:

Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox browser. Go to Tools and then click Add-ones to launch add-ons and extensions manager.

Step 2: Here, in the left pane, click Extensions to view Babylon toolbar entry.

Remove Babylon Search From Internet Explorer and Firefox Step5

Step 3: Select Babylon toolbar entry and then click Remove button to remove the same. If you have any other Babylon entries such as the Babylon Spelling and Proofreading entry, select those entries and click Remove option. If there is no Remove option for entries, click Disable option.

Remove Babylon Search From Internet Explorer and Firefox Step6

Step 4: Restart your Firefox browser to get rid of Babylon Search. You may still see Babylon search entry search box. Simply click on search box arrow icon and select Google as the default search engine. If the Babylon search is appearing as your home page, then go Tools > Options and then remove Babylon entry from the home page box.

Remove Babylon Search From Chrome , Internet Explorer and Firefox Step 6

How to remove Babylon Search from Internet Explorer:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer browser. Go to Tools and then select Manage add-ons option.

Step 2: Here, under Add-on Types, select Toolbars and Extensions to see all installed toolbars and extensions for Internet Explorer. You will see Babylon Toolbar, Babylon toolbar helper, and Babylon IE plugin entries.

Remove Babylon Search From Internet Explorer and Firefox

Step 3: Right-click on all Babylon entries one-by-one and select Disable option.

Step 4: Next, under Add-on Types, click Search Providers to see Bing and Search the web (Babylon) entry. Select Bing and then click Set as default button, and then select Search the web (Babylon) entry, right-click on the same and then select Remove option. Once done, close Manage Add-ons dialog.

Step 5: Once again, click on Tools and then select Internet Options. Under General tab, you will see options to set new home page. Simply click Use default button or Use new tab button and then click Apply button to get rid of Babylon Search from new tab page as well.

Remove Babylon Search from Google Chrome:

Step 1: Launch the browser. Go to “wrench” menu and then click Options.

Step 2: In the left pane, click Basics to see options to change the startup page, home page and search engine.

Step 3: Set the On startup as Open the home page or Reopen the pages that were open last, then set the Home page as Use the new Tab page, and finally set Search as Google or Bing.

Remove Babylon Search From Chrome , Internet Explorer and Firefox Step

Step 4: Once done, switch to Extensions tab and remove Babylon extensions, if any. Restart the browser to get rid of Babylon from your Chrome. Good luck!



  1. Daniel Camarotto says

    Thanks you guys… These tips solved the puzzle…

    Hasta la vista Babylon!!!

  2. Ramunas says

    It’s very important! If you see in add/remove programs window also “browser manager” or “B-protector” please uninstall it!!! And make then all the steps mentioned in this topic. I finded today on my computer Browser Manager, removed it and then hited command about:config, reseted all lines realated with Babylon and finally after Mozilla reloading babylon home page dissapeared. This reciept took for me Babylon support.

  3. Stanet says

    Guys, I got so annoyed by this babylon shit appearing in my new tab every time i open it, so i when i found the way to remove i felt so relieved… My mate helped me get rid off it, with such ease… This is how i did it ( in mozzila, idk does it work on other internet explorers) :

    in url type about:config ( it will ask you are you sure you want to enter there, just press I’ll be careful.. )

    and then :
    – in search type ‘newtab’ ; where its written browser:newtab.url in value you will see it’s babylon something, you change it to about:newtab ( status is default , type is string)
    – btw you have one more browser.newtabpage.enabled line that should be there ( default ; boolean ; enabled )
    when i was fixing this issue myself i found 3 more with babylon on my computer.. i just deleted the values and if i couldnt delete values i changed them from ‘true’ to ‘false’.

    this is how I got rid of stupid babylon and i hope i helped atleast one person with this post! Cheers!

  4. gina davis says

    I had this problem also and what I did per instruction thru mozilla forum was :

    go to the start menu
    go to run: type in REGEDIT
    after you click this takes you into your registry keys. I was cautioned in doing this. scroll to HKEY LOCAL,MACHINE/ SOFTWARE/BABYLON SEARCH H KEY_ CURRENT_ USERS/SOFTWARE BABYLON SEARCH AND DELETE!

  5. suzie says

    when I go to tools then manage add ons in IE nothing is there. It say’s manage add on’s but there isn’t one clickable item on the entire page. It is almost blank. This is so frustrating

  6. Rocdufer says

    Babylon add-on some times does not appear in the Firefox extension list and still jumps into the page, because another add-on does call it, for example “Online Translator Toolbar”. So, review the “outsourcing” of, specially, another translation add-ons.

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