Rufus: The Fastest Tool To Create Bootable USB Drive

Windows users have a lot of good utilities to create a bootable USB using an ISO file and then install Windows from a USB flash drive. Windows 7 DVD/USB Tool, UNetBootin, WinToFlash, and Universal USB installer are the some popular utilities available for the job.

While most of the utilities mentioned above do their job very well, the only catch is that all these tools take considerable amount of time to transfer the ISO onto the USB. Even though power user prefer creating bootable USB drive via command line to third party tools, novice users always prefer third-party tools for the job.


Users who don’t want to use the command prompt method for creating bootable USB media should check out Rufus utility. Rufus is a small utility for Windows and helps you create bootable USB drives. The best thing about this tool is that it’s faster than other tools. According to the developer of the tool, it’s twice as fast as the official Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool, Universal USB installer and UNetBootin tools.

Apart from Windows XP (SP2 or later), Windows Server 2003 R2, Vista, Windows and Windows 8, this software also supports Arch Linux, Hiren’s Boot CD, Parted Magic, NT Password Registry Editor, Knoppix, Kubuntu, OpenSUSE, CentOS, Fedora and many other Linux distributions.

Download, run the utility, select your USB drive and browse to the ISO file to begin transferring ISO file contents onto the USB drive. You might also like to know how to install Windows 7 on USB drive and repair Windows 7 from USB flash drive.

Download Rufus



  1. Sapphire says

    @Sanju: Some computers don’t allow USB booting (Especially pre-mades like Dell, HP, etc. If the disc won’t work, and the USB won’t work, your only real option is a local internet boot (sometimes called PXE, or Network boot).
    @Steven Ternes: If your carrier supports it, or if you are rooted (Gained root/ admin rights), you can USB tether to the computer, or WiFi hotspot your phone’s internet connection (Only valid are very rare handsets, and Android/ Windows Phone/ iPhone’s).
    @Ntalaluka: Nearly all Windows boot creators can use all operating system versions (Besides ME, 98, etc). The XP ISO you have should run just fine on Rufus, and install normally.

    Thanks for sharing Rufus. Win2Flash just takes too long for me, especially when I constantly need to wipe my hard drives for special reasons.

  2. sanju says

    I have a windows 8.1 os
    how to instal the lap top
    I try to instal DVD through but it can’t take booting
    Pls send procedure

  3. Ntalaluka says

    Thank you for your detailed information on how to created a bootable usb flash for win 7 and 8.
    Can you give me a process on how to create a bootable USB flash for WIN XP..??

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