Slipstream Vista SP1 In To Your Vista DVD

It’s really a good idea to have a Vista DVD with latest updates and service pack. If you have Vista DVD without SP1, you need to update it manually later. To avoid this problem, integrate Vista SP1 in Vista DVD, which then will be installed with the operating system only.
Requirements are:
*Windows Vista DVD

*Windows Vista SP1(Download here)
*A free software called vLite (Download here)

1.Download and install vLite software from here.

2.Run the vLite program.
3.Click ‘Start’ option in the left side pane. Browse the folder or a drive where the Windows Vista installation files are located.
4.In the new screen, select the version of the Vista you want to slipstream.
5.Click next and select the options named ‘Bootable ISO’ and ‘Service Pack Slipstream’. Now select the location of Windows Vista SP1 installer file.
6.Wait for few minutes as vLite program may take some time for integrating all the Windows Vista SP1 files into Vista installer.
7.Once vLite finishes slipstreaming process, change the mode to “Direct Burn” and insert blank DVD in your DVD drive.
8.It might take few minutes to finish burning process.
9.Now, your bootable Windows Vista SP1 is ready to use.

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