How To Automatically Login In Windows 10


Want to quickly boot to your Windows 10 desktop by skipping the login screen? Would you like to avoid typing your account password each time you turn on your PC? You can configure Windows 10 to automatically boot to the desktop or Start screen without requiring to enter the password. The core benefit of configuring […]

How To Disable Built-In WebCamera In Windows


Over the past week, many technology news sites reported about a website streaming from thousands of IP cameras. The incident made many PC users think of disabling web cameras on their desktops, notebooks and tablets when not being used. Even though the above incident happened because many users didn’t care to change the default passwords […]

How To Change The Active Partition On Unbootable PC


A couple of days ago, when I connected one of my external hard drives to my Windows 8.1 machine, the USB drive didn’t show up in My Computer or This PC. After reconnecting the drive, I noticed that the drive was not having a drive letter. While assigning a drive letter to the external hard […]

How To Enable/Disable Mac Trackpad Gestures


All recent versions of Mac OS X ship with some good number of multi-touch gestures. Users who are using MacBook or iMac with Magic Trackpad can use these multi-touch gestures on the trackpad to quickly perform common tasks that would other require using keyboard shortcuts or navigating through various menus and windows. While all recent […]

How To Enable/Disable Tap To Click In Mac OS X


One of the first things I always noticed after installing or upgrading Mac OS X to a newer version on my MacBook is that the tap to click feature of the trackpad is disabled by default. That is, with default settings, we need to click on the trackpad to perform primary and secondary click operations. […]

New Trackpad Gestures Coming To Windows 10


With Windows 8, Microsoft first introduced a bunch of trackpad gestures to quickly access the Charms bar, switch between open windows and quickly access other features. Before Windows 8, Windows users had to install half-baked third-party tools in order to get trackpad gestures. On supported machines, Windows 8 offers trackpad gestures to zoom, pan and […]

How To Open URLs Right From Start Menu In Windows 10


With Windows 10, Microsoft has returned the Start menu to its original place, the taskbar. The Start menu, as you likely have discovered, looks and acts pretty much like the good old Start menu of Windows 7 but it includes some of the best features introduced with Windows 8 as well. We have already covered […]

How To Create App Shorcuts On Desktop In Windows 10


The metro or modern apps introduced with Windows 8 were not accessible from the desktop environment. One had to switch to the Start screen in order to launch an app as Windows 8 didn’t let users create app shortcuts on the desktop. Though Windows 8.1 was slightly better for desktop users, it was still lacking […]

Windows 10 Lets You Pin Recycle Bin To The Taskbar


Be it Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10, Recycle Bin is one of the most used areas of Windows operating system. In fact, when you perform a clean install of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10, Recycle Bin is the only icon that we get to see on the desktop. As an attempt […]