Download Windows 10 9926 ISO


The wait is over! As promised earlier this week during the media event, Microsoft has made available for download the Windows 10 build 9926 build to public and is now available for download. The latest Windows 10 9926 build is available as an ISO image file in over 20 languages. You can visit the download […]

You Can Upgrade To Windows 10 Preview Without Losing Installed Programs*


The day has finally come. Microsoft will reveal more about its upcoming Windows 10 operating system in a few hours. Microsoft is expected to show how Windows 10 will run across PCs, tablets, and phones. In addition to that, Microsoft might also make available for download the latest preview build immediately after the event or […]

Run Your Favorite Programs From The Cloud Using Cameyo


Up until a couple of years ago, it was almost impossible to run applications from USB drives. These days, many users carry portable version of their favorite apps on USB drives to have access to their favorite programs from everywhere. Creating a portable version of software has also become much easier thanks to applications like […]

6 Ways To Compress PDF Files


Portable Document Format, which is popularly known as PDF, is widely used to share documents. When sharing PDF files with your colleagues or friends over the internet, you might want to compress or shrink the size of large PDF files. When it comes to compressing PDF files, there are very few good utilities out there […]

Webcam On-Off: Quickly Turn On or Off Webcam In Windows


About a month ago, in an article titled how to disable webcam in Windows, we talked about why you should consider disabling the webcam when not being used and how to disable the built-in or USB webcam using Device Manager. While a lot of people prefer the good old Device Manager and might not mind […]

How To Disable Work Chat Feature Of Evernote


About a month ago, Evernote launched a new “Work Chat” feature. The feature was initially available to only web and mobile apps but it’s now available for Windows desktop as well. Evernote’s Work Chat feature is a simple feature that lets you discuss your ideas with your friends or colleagues without having to leave Evernote’s […]

Disable “Related To What You’re Working On” Suggestion In Evernote


Last evening, I updated TeamViewer and Evernote applications on my primary PC to their latest versions to make sure that all installed applications are up-to-date. This morning, while working on a couple of notes in the Evernote I noticed a new but annoying feature that shows “Related to what you’re working on” message in a […]

How To Save Documents To Computer By Default In Office 2013


Saving documents to the cloud is much easier in Office 2013 than its previous versions. In fact, in Office 2013 OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) is selected as default saving location. Since OneDrive offers up to 25 GB of free space and considering that saving Office documents to OneDrive account is as easy as saving […]

How To Completely Disable Office 2013 Upload Center


Long time Office users are probably well aware of Upload Center feature present in Microsoft Office 2010, Office 2013, and later versions. Those of you who are new to the word Upload Center probably familiar with the small Upload icon that appears in notification area of the taskbar. The Office Upload Center feature in Office […]