How To Safely Delete Temporary Files In Windows 10


Deleting the temporary files is one of the best ways out there to free up some significant amount of free space on your Windows operating system. Long time Windows users likely know how to manually delete temporary files without the help of third-party PC cleaning utilities like CCleaner. There is an easy and safe method […]

How To Set Up A New Windows 10 Laptop


Have you bought a new HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, or Asus laptop preinstalled with Windows 10? Not sure how to set up Windows 10 on your new PC? In this article, we will see how to set up a new Windows 10 device. When you turn on your new Windows 10 PC, you will […]

How To Create Mobile Hotspot In Windows 10 (Easy Way)


Mobile hotspot, virtual hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot feature enables you share your Windows 10 PCs Internet connection with up to 8 devices. The mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot feature has been part of Windows 10 since the first preview build of Windows 10. Mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 10 Although Windows 10 supported […]

Open Advanced Startup Options On Unbootable Windows 10 PC


In our 4 ways to open advanced startup options in Windows 10 guide, we talked about all the ways out there to open advanced startup options in Windows 10. Advanced startup and recovery options in Windows 10 As you might know, the advanced startup options allow you restore your Windows 10 to a previous date, […]

Video Formats Supported By Films & TV App In Windows 10


Films & TV (previously known as Movies & TV) is one of the tens of apps that ship with Windows 10. Although the Films & TV app is meant to rent and buy movies and TV shows from the Windows Store, the app can be used to watch local videos as well. All TV episodes […]

How to Access UEFI Settings In Windows 10


Want to access the UEFI firmware settings to change the default boot order or set a UIFI password? In this guide, we will see how to access the UEFI settings on a Windows 10 running PC. Most PCs that came pre-loaded with Windows 8 or Windows 10 use UEFI firmware instead of the traditional BIOS. […]

How To Link Your Windows 10 License To Microsoft Account


Microsoft has finally taken a big step ahead to help Windows 10 PC users who have been encountering activation issues after changing major hardware such as hard drive, SSD and motherboard. What is Windows 10 digital license? For those who are not aware of the activation issue, Microsoft gives a digital license (previously known as […]

Reinstall Microsoft Solitaire Collection In Windows 10


Microsoft Solitaire has been part of Windows operating system for over 25 years and is probably one of the most played PCs games ever. While Microsoft has done away with the classic Solitaire game in Windows 10 (see how to get Windows 7 games in Windows 10), modern version of Microsoft Solitaire Collection offered in […]

Disable Apple Software Update Alert In Windows 10


The Apple Software Update tool gets installed when you install iTunes, QuickTime or iCloud on your Windows PC. As the name of the software implies, it’s job is to regularly check if updates are available for iTunes, QuickTime, Apple Software Update, or iCloud installed on your Windows machine and alert the user about available updates. […]

How To Check Windows 10’s Build Number


Every now and then Microsoft releases new minor and major updates to Windows 10 to add new features and fix reported issues. In Windows 10, like other programs, the build number changes whenever Microsoft releases a major update to the operating system. For instance, when the Windows 10 was released back in July 2015, the […]