How To Link Your Windows 10 License To Microsoft Account


Microsoft has finally taken a big step ahead to help Windows 10 PC users who have been encountering activation issues after changing major hardware such as hard drive, SSD and motherboard. What is Windows 10 digital license? For those who are not aware of the activation issue, Microsoft gives a digital license (previously known as […]

Reinstall Microsoft Solitaire Collection In Windows 10


Microsoft Solitaire has been part of Windows operating system for over 25 years and is probably one of the most played PCs games ever. While Microsoft has done away with the classic Solitaire game in Windows 10 (see how to get Windows 7 games in Windows 10), modern version of Microsoft Solitaire Collection offered in […]

Disable Apple Software Update Alert In Windows 10


The Apple Software Update tool gets installed when you install iTunes, QuickTime or iCloud on your Windows PC. As the name of the software implies, it’s job is to regularly check if updates are available for iTunes, QuickTime, Apple Software Update, or iCloud installed on your Windows machine and alert the user about available updates. […]

How To Check Windows 10’s Build Number


Every now and then Microsoft releases new minor and major updates to Windows 10 to add new features and fix reported issues. In Windows 10, like other programs, the build number changes whenever Microsoft releases a major update to the operating system. For instance, when the Windows 10 was released back in July 2015, the […]

How To Check Installation Date Of Apps & Programs In Windows 10


Want to know the installation date of an app installed from Windows Store in Windows 10 so that you can determine when the trail period expires? Want to check the install date of a traditional program that you downloaded from the web? In this guide, we will see how to check install date of apps […]

View Recently Installed Programs/Apps In Windows 10


The currently available Windows 10 public build displays most used programs/apps and recently added app/program in the left-side of the Start menu. However, the problem is that the list doesn’t display more than one recently installed app or program. Microsoft has made several changes to the Start menu in the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update […]

Show Or Hide Email Address On Login Screen In Windows 10


With default settings, the currently available public build of Windows 10 displays Microsoft account email address on the login or sign-in screen when you are using a Microsoft account to sign-in to Windows 10. While there is no harm in displaying your Microsoft account email address on your PC’s sign in or login screen, many […]

Fix: Settings Missing From Start Menu In Windows 10


The Settings app is the new Control Panel in Windows 10. Most of the settings and options from the old Control Panel have been moved to Settings app, and Microsoft plans to discontinue the old Control Panel once all settings and options are moved to Settings app. There are a couple of ways out there […]

How To Pin & Unpin Tabs In Microsoft Edge In Windows 10


If you’re a power user, you likely open tens of tabs in your web browser. And if you often open multiple of tabs and find it difficult to manage tabs, you must try out tab pinning feature. Tab pinning is a handy feature available in most of the popular web browsers including Firefox and Chrome […]

Easy Way To Change The Default Download Folder In Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer, is one of the prominent new features introduced with Windows 10. While the Edge browser is faster than popular web browsers in many areas, the new browser from Microsoft lacks many important options and settings. Those of you who have been using Edge as the primary browser and […]