Use Keyboard Shortcut To Show/Hide Hidden Files & Folders

Last evening I blogged “How to create Windows key shortcuts in Vista & 7” which helps you create  new Windows key shortcuts in XP, Vista and Windows 7.Now, I have another tool which will surely delight all keyboard  freaks once again.

We often use Windows Hide files and folders feature to hide or unhide files and folders. But, it’s a long procedure as we need to open Tools > Folder Options > View and finally, Show/hide hidden files option. Isn’t it a good idea to create a shortcut key to access this nifty feature?

Well creating a shortcut to access Show/hidden files is not easy. Instead, I use a small tool called Toggle Hidden File that allows you access show/hidden files with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Toggle Hidden File is small script that adds Windows explorer the ability to show/hide hidden files with a keyboard shortcut. The program is very small and easy to install as well. Download and extract the file from below source and then extract it to “C” (to keep it safe) drive and run the ToggleHiddefiles.exe once.

Once you add the script by running the executable file, you can use [Windows] + [H] key to show/hide hidden files or folders in Windows. This cool application works great on XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

|Download Toggle Hidden File|

Note:I couldn’t find the original source of this file as I had downlaoded this file long time back and so,uploaded it to above source. Credit goes to original coder.



  1. Sachin says

    Sorry to say this does not work

    the file you uploaded contains just the reg file

    better if you could upload it again


  2. Dan says

    That’s great! Thanks! Would it be possible to run it from a USB flash drive on another computer and use the function?

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