Add Missing WinRAR Entry In The Right-Click Context Menu

Once again, I am writing this post upon request from one of readers. Sometimes WinRAR entry in the right-click context menu disappears even if you have installed WinRAR without any problem. This is really annoying as you need to open WinRAR program from Start menu entry to extract any RAR file.

WinRAR missing from right click menu

Fix: WinRAR entry missing from context menu

If you have successfully installed WinRAR, you should see the entry in the right click context menu for zipped files. Suppose, you can’t see the entry means you need to follow the below procedure to see the entry. The solution is simple.

WinRAR entry missing from right click context menu

Step 1: Open WinRAR from the start menu entry. If you can’t see WinRAR entry in the start menu, go to C:\Program Files\WinRAR (where “C” is your OS drive), and double-click  WinRAR.exe to open WinRAR.

Step 2: Switch to “Options” tab and then, open “Settings” option.

Step 3: Once again switch to “Integration” tab in the new window.

Step 4: Check the option named “Integrate WinRAR into shell” and click ok.

Now you should see the WinRAR entry.

And if you have 7-Zip, check out fix to missing 7-Zip entry from context menu.



  1. rocky45 says

    The solution posted by raiel worked fine for me, I’m using Winrar 5.30 Beta 4 on Windows 10 and the dll file did fix the shell context menu not showing problem. Thank you!

  2. TheCuBeMan says

    Very simple…

    Follow the instructions in this article (if the option in question under the Integration settings is already checked, then uncheck it and check it again) and you don’t have to restart the entire system, just the Windows Explorer process.

    You can do that as follows:

    Open up Task Manager and locate the “explorer.exe” process that is running and kill it.

    Then, go to File -> New Task, and type in “explorer.exe“. That’s it.


  3. princess says

    i keep getting the error mesages this Cannot execute “C:\Users\PERSONAL PC\Desktop\Attachments_2015526\WINTEST.EXE”
    it has refused to open been trying for days now
    please help anyone

  4. svishch says

    I have Windows 7, I’ve tried doing exactly what Phil Goetz said and it’s still not working…what can i do?

  5. Phil Goetz says

    J was right: “For Windows 7, uncheck “integrate winrar into shell” and then restart your computer. Then check it.” BUT, you must also restart windows explorer after checking that box.

  6. J says

    For Windows 7, uncheck “integrate winrar into shell” and then restart your computer. Then go back in and check it. Simple as that. It doesn’t work if you don’t restart.

  7. Mega says

    Does NOT apply to Windows 7. SAME version of WinRAR has worked perfectly in two installs of Win 7 and now on a third, it refuses to come up in menu

  8. DiaborMagics says

    hummm… I have windows 8 and I have everything checked that I need, but it doesn’t work… any ideas?

  9. Ashraf says

    Thanks a lot, it works great but you have to check the three boxes under shell integration in setting menu.

  10. Pompey says

    WORKED for me ,,, this was so simple compared to the other options out there Thanks Dude ,,people like you are needed!!

  11. help guy says

    @Vipsis and Doc

    On the integration tab don’t forget to select the extensions would you like to associate with winrar. That made it worked for me.

  12. Matthew says

    Thank you so much! You have saved me hours of opening winrars and extracting them via the program!!!!!

  13. Hari says

    My friend thats a good fix , I think it worked on vista before , can you suggest a solution for Windows 7.
    This fix doesn’t work on Windows 7:-(

  14. raiel says

    Didn’t solve my problem.

    The solution I did is downloaded rarext.dll to a dll hosting website, place it to X:\Program Files\Winrar (where x: is your drive) then my context menu returns.

    Hope this helps.

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