Fix Microsoft Office 2010/2013 Issues With This Tool


Millions of computer users around the world relaying on Microsoft Office productivity suite. Ease of use, elegant user interface and rich set of features make it the most used productivity software in the word. While using Microsoft Office 2010 or Office 2013, at times, you might encounter issues after changing some configurations or installing new […]

Download Universal Office Apps For Windows 10 Now


About two weeks ago, on January 21st to be precise, Microsoft first talked about Universal Office apps for Windows 10. Today, Microsoft has released the Preview of Universal Office apps for Windows 10 and are available to download now. Universal Office apps are nothing but touch-optimized versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook designed […]

How To Search Google Right From Office Word or Excel


Like many webmasters, I use Windows Live Writer to compose articles as it makes writing and publishing much easier compared to other programs. That said, at times, I do use Microsoft Office Word program for the same job. While composing articles on Office Word, especially while covering an application, at times, I need to search […]

Set Google As The Default Search Engine In Office 2013


Those of you who have been using Office 2013 for a long time probably well aware of the Search with Bing feature. For those who haven’t come across this feature, Office 2013 lets you quickly get additional details about a word or line from the web. In other words, while viewing or editing an Office […]

How To Save Documents To Computer By Default In Office 2013


Saving documents to the cloud is much easier in Office 2013 than its previous versions. In fact, in Office 2013 OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive) is selected as default saving location. Since OneDrive offers up to 25 GB of free space and considering that saving Office documents to OneDrive account is as easy as saving […]

How To Completely Disable Office 2013 Upload Center


Long time Office users are probably well aware of Upload Center feature present in Microsoft Office 2010, Office 2013, and later versions. Those of you who are new to the word Upload Center probably familiar with the small Upload icon that appears in notification area of the taskbar. The Office Upload Center feature in Office […]

How To Properly Change Product Key Of Office 2013


Do you want to change the product key of Office 2013? Would you like to change Microsoft Office 2013 product key without re-installing the Office suite? In this guide, we will show how you can change or update the product key. Most Office users never find the necessity to change the product key. Users who […]

How To Lock Parts Of A Word Document In Office 2013


When it comes to productivity suite, there is nothing better than Microsoft Office. Plenty of free programs out there for the job but none of them offer all the security and other advanced features available in Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft Office comes with plenty of security features. You can easily secure your Office document with […]

How To Open Microsoft Office 2013 In Safe Mode


Long time PC users probably aware of Safe Mode feature present in Windows operating system. The safe mode feature is useful while troubleshooting startup issues as it loads Windows with limited set of drivers and files. Interestingly, majority of Windows and Microsoft Office users are not aware of the existence of safe mode in Office […]