How To Lock Parts Of A Word Document In Office 2013


When it comes to productivity suite, there is nothing better than Microsoft Office. Plenty of free programs out there for the job but none of them offer all the security and other advanced features available in Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft Office comes with plenty of security features. You can easily secure your Office document with […]

How To Open Microsoft Office 2013 In Safe Mode


Long time PC users probably aware of Safe Mode feature present in Windows operating system. The safe mode feature is useful while troubleshooting startup issues as it loads Windows with limited set of drivers and files. Interestingly, majority of Windows and Microsoft Office users are not aware of the existence of safe mode in Office […]

How To Perform Office 2013 Unattended or Silent Installation


Just like Windows operating system and other software out there, Microsoft Office 2010 and Office 2013 can also be installed using the unattended method. For those who’re new to the unattended word, unattended installation is nothing but a type of installation which requires no manual input from the user. Unattended or silent installation uses a […]

Microsoft Word Viewer: Open And View Word Documents Without Installing Office


The WordPad and Notepad programs that ship with Windows aren’t good document editing tools. In fact, as you likely know, none of these programs support documents created in Office Word program and support only basic text and rich text formats (WordPad). If you download Word documents from the web very often and don’t have Microsoft […]

Download Office 2013 From Microsoft Using Product Key


There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to download Office 2013 from Microsoft using your genuine product key. Maybe you’ve lost your Office 2013 DVD and now want to reinstall Office 2013 using the product key that you’ve recovered using a third-party program; or maybe your PC came pre-installed with Office but the […]

How To Slipstream Office 2013 SP1


By now, you probably have installed the recently released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Office 2013 or at least have heard about the release of SP1 for Microsoft Office 2013. As most of you know, SP1 includes all previously released updates via Windows Update service and also additional fixes to various issues. Even though the […]