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Most of the system icons in the latest Windows 10 operating system were originally introduced with Windows Vista. If you have extensively used Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 before upgrading to Windows 10, you probably are familiar with most of the icons.

Unlike the days of Windows 7, there are limited number of free software available around to customize Windows 10 operating system. That said, some quality customization tools have been released in the past six months to customize the newest iteration of Windows operating system.

CustomizerGod for Windows 10

About a year ago, we first talked about a free tool called CustomizerGod to change the various icons of Windows operating system. The developer recently updated the program to support Windows 10 and is now available for download.

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CustomizerGod is basically a program to change hundreds of default Windows icons. With CustomizerGod, you can change original system icons with ease, without having to take system file ownerships.

The current version of CustomizerGod for Windows 10 supports changing the Start button icon on the taskbar as well as change various other icons on the taskbar like Task View, Cortana, Touch Keyboard, volume icon, battery icon, and Action Center.

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The tool can also be used to change the default folder icon of Windows 10. In addition to that, you can change hundreds of general icons with ease.

As you can see in the picture below, CustomizerGod also enables you change Windows branding and system branding.

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To help users safely change system icons, the software automatically backups the original icon before changing it with custom one. This way, you can you can restore original icons later if and when required by simply selecting an icon and then clicking Restore button.

It also packs in a tool to clear and reset the icon cache. For the initiated, if you’re seeing old icons even after replacing them with custom icons, you need to clear the icon cache. You can clear the icon cache by clicking the button next to Restore button and then clicking either Quick Clear or Full Clear button under Icon cache section.

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All in all, a must try tool if you’re not happy with some of the default icons shipped with Windows 10. The tool is absolutely free and doesn’t include any unwanted software.

CustomizerGod is a standalone software and runs without an installation. Download, extract the zip file and run it. The software must be run with administrator rights.

CustomizerGod is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit types of Windows 10.

Download CustomizerGod



  1. admin says

    Chris, you’re right. Creating a restore point before replacing or editing original files is a must.

  2. chris miraillet says

    Just one thing : create always a restore point before tuning your windows ! this is a good tool !

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