Difference Between Vista & Windows 7

From the out side, the all new Windows 7 closely resembles its predecessor Windows Vista. The major change that you will be able to see at first, in terms of UI, is the new taskbar also known as superbar, which now sports a battery of features.

Windows 7 orange logo

There are sheer amount of features and tweaks under the hood. In terms of features and usability Windows 7 is the un-challenged OS till date. If you have been running Vista, then obviously you want to know difference between Vista and Windows 7, before making the wise decision.

The list below takes you through a list of major Windows 7 features that are not available in Vista.

Simply put, Windows 7 is much faster, safer and better than any OS out there including its predecessor Vista.

 difference between vista and windows 7

Apart from all the changes that we have mentioned in the above list, there are many small, new features exist in Windows 7, which can only be experienced by installing Windows 7.

You can also refer our difference between windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate editions to know more about Windows 7 editions.



  1. registration says

    I’m not sure why but this web site is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the
    problem still exists.

  2. Imran Zadran says

    Ofcourse I thankful for providing such kind of websites for those who don’t know more about difference between win 7 and wista
    As I think in today more people give preference to windows 7 because of their fast feature and updated according to the advance technologies

  3. mudasir says

    fistly peoples are diffrent so peoples like internet some like bussines softwere so my advise is vista its speed is about 50kb p/s windows 7 are not

  4. Ali says

    Thank u ………………

    U give a usefull information on win 7 and vista
    I Like ur site very much

    keep it

  5. Parakash patil says

    Window 7 is more then faster window XP.
    its wonderful..Thanks Microsoft

  6. sona simeon says

    after i did my research i dicorver window 7 &vista kind of the same,the only reason the 7 has more features/window xp

  7. ExpertAdvice says

    It appears that the only improvements are eye-candy. If nothing under the hood has changed then just stick to XP or switch to a completely free and more reliable and secure operating system called Debian GNU/Linux.

  8. Jon says

    Well the name windows 7 makes since since there was Windows 3.1 but Windows ME was built on 98 technology and XP was built from Windows 2000 techonolgy does anyone know if 7 is a totally new platform or just a modded vista??

  9. shailesh says

    its really hard to work on window 7 or vista both of them are useless just they hav gud themes n nothing,stylish opening and closing,xp is far better than these two windows from microsoft….no one can beat window xp

  10. Smat1995 says

    I like the Operating Systems, but the names get stupider with every new release. I mean first it was win 95, then 98 , then 2000 that made sense….then Millennium ,..okay, then XP …stupid, then vista,. stupider , and then 7. wtf!

  11. Austine Kuyoro says

    well windows 7 is nice,but i think it is just a modification of windows vista,like windows xp to windows ’98.Microsoft is doing a good job and i believe soon we will have another windows which the name may be “….”

  12. Tim says

    It is so sad how Microsoft releases a Piece of sh!& and then can get away with charging you to upgrade to the way VISTA / Long horn was suppose to be release. They have lost me as a customer.

  13. admin says

    @ Sandeep
    The above post was published after the release of Windows 7 RC. Initially, there was a 3 apps restriction and has been removed from the final builds.

  14. sandeep sadhu says

    these are very good features.i am using windows vista (business)licencsed software .how can i upgrade to windows7 .what wil be the cost.i purchased my laptop in dec.2009

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