How Do I Add Search Box To Start Menu In Windows 10?

At first, the Start menu in Windows 10 looks different from the Start menu in Windows 7 and earlier versions. The new look is largely because of app tiles on the right-side of the Start menu and slightly because of the absence of the search box.

Both Vista and Windows 7 would display a search box at the bottom of the Start menu. In Windows 10, the search box has been dropped from the Start menu. However, the search box now appears on the taskbar by default but can be removed to free up space on the taskbar.

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Over the past six months, a number of users have asked us if there is a workaround or software to add search box to the Start menu. Many users feel that the Start menu looks incomplete, and some users don’t want to click or tap the search icon or search box on the taskbar each time to begin using the search feature.

You can use Start menu search without the search box or search icon

In Windows 10, you can initiate a Start menu search without clicking the taskbar search box or search icon. You just need to open the Start menu and begin typing the query in order to see search results. For instance, to search for Internet Explorer, you just need to open the Start menu by either clicking on its icon or pressing Windows logo key, and then start typing Internet Explorer to see Internet Explorer and related results.

Add a search box to Start menu

Unfortunately, there is no way out there to add a search box to the original Start menu of Windows 10. In other words, it’s not possible to get a search box in Windows 10 Start menu. You can access the Start menu search by following above mentioned instructions.

That said, if you can’t live without the Start menu search box, you have no option but to install a third-party Start menu like Classic Shell, Start10, StartIsBack+++. While the Classic Shell is free and pretty good, the other two Start menu replacements are not free.

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As you can see the picture above, Classic Shell’s Start menu is more or less like the Start menu of Windows 7. It includes a search box as well.

In short, as of now, there is no workaround out there to add a search box to Windows 10’s Start menu. We suggest you try out the above mentioned method of launching the Start menu search feature before going ahead with third-party Start menu programs.

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  1. Jeremy says

    I think personally that Classic Shell is the best one. I read somewhere that it is free because its developer, Ivo Beltchev is an MS employee. So it’s almost like it’s made by Microsoft.

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