How To Bypass Windows 7 Logon Password In Three Steps

Have you forgot your XP, Vista or Windows 7 logon password? Sure, there are a few workarounds to access your account using a bootable Linux CD but they are time consuming and boring as you need to go through a long procedure.

 Bypass windows 7 logon password

In this guide, we will show you how to bypass a Windows 7 logon password in just two steps. And we are using a free tool to make this happen. So, here is the procedure to bypass Windows 7 logon password:


1. Download the Kon-Boot CD-ISO ZIP file (it’s a tiny file) and extract it to get the ISO file. Burn the ISO file to a CD/DVD to create a bootable Kon-Boot CD/DVD.

 Bypass windows 7 logon password in two steps

2. Before inserting the CD/DVD make sure that you have made necessary changes to boot priority setting in the BIOS so that you can boot from CD/DVD. Insert the CD/DVD into the optical drive and restart your machine. In a few seconds you will see the following screen of Kon-Boot.

 bypassing windows 7 logon password

Simply hit Enter and wait for a few seconds.


3. You should see the logon screen and with a password prompt. Simply press Enter key to bypass the forgot logon password. That’s it!

How to bypass windows 7 administrator logon password

We have tested this tool on Windows 7 Ultimate x86, but it should work fine on XP and Vista too. Good luck!


Note: Use this method and tool for your personal use only.



  1. buddy says

    when i extract the winrar he ask me password what is this can i have the password pls!!!! thankyou

  2. Tladi says

    can you please assist. Am using this software but the laptop stops and hangs on this line “pci 0000:00:1c.2: sharing IRQ 3 with 0000:00:1d.2

  3. gav says

    so after this is done. if i shut down again. everytime i turn on back the pc this will be the only way to get into it?

  4. sinner says

    “Before inserting the CD/DVD make
    sure that you have made necessary
    changes to boot priority setting in the
    BIOS so that you can boot from CD/
    k any1 plz tell me hw to do it in windows 7

  5. F.T says

    To Dret:

    Please watch your language, it’s not necessary to use vulgar words (like the F word) to express your views.

  6. Rylai says

    I know a tool Windows Password Breaker can easily reset Windows log on password to blank, it works well on Windows 7.

  7. Dyllon says

    I tried this on my sisters’s window 7 starter edition and before it boots windows, it restarts and asks me to run a system recovery…

  8. baptiste says

    is it possible to boot from USB? cause there are other files like: FD0 konboot
    the hell is that?

  9. Von says

    Please, I followed the steps you recommended, and the CD does not boot. I have copied the 2 files to a new cd and set my laptop to boot from the CD drive, and it does not work. What am I missing please. Does copying the files to the CD guarantee that it has become a bootable CD. PLease let me know/

  10. Robert says

    I’ve seen this before. Kryptos Logic owns the program now (and charges for it) but they have not updated it. So far they have responded me twice giving release timeframes but not holding up to them at all. The Kryptos Logic version is crippled in removing linux support but adds usb boot capability to the mix so could be a mixed bag.

    No I can’t distribute the version purchased from Kryptos Logic.

  11. zhing says

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