1. Adam says

    I cant update or download applications on my lumia 520 again, havent created micro soft accounts repeatedly. Pls guide me

  2. jeet parmar says

    i am not create ms account so please help because i want to say all step clear but not create account so plzz………….

  3. maha says

    thank you for this illustrative guide on how to open a Microsoft account. I was lost before seeing this guide.

  4. rose says

    I don’t understand the windows8 I tried many times to sign in the Microsoft account for the app but it’s not working.. Please help

  5. Brad says

    Wow what an EPIC pain in the crap hole just to load Office 13 for school!. Why do I need an account? Your marketing / research department will be the Microsoft demise. I still haven’t figured this out and that’s with your “Help Hotline” of which I CANT UNDERSTAND. Windows 8 ? just want to load Office 13.

  6. uttam says

    I have setting ms account 4 my nokia setting but fucking shit telling me it is not available whats that not available fuck

  7. Bryan says

    Cannot open a Microsoft account for windows 8 to use Skype. Am not impressed with windows 8. Or opening a user account for Microsoft!!!! HELP PLEASE!!

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