How To Enable Second Sign-In Verification For Your Yahoo! Account

Yahoo! recently introduced a new verification system called Second Sign-in Verification  which aims to prevent account hijackers with a stolen password from accessing a user’s account. By enabling this feature, users will be able to protect their accounts with ease.

At present, Second Sign-in Verification is available for users residing in Unites States, Canada, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, and the Philippines. This verification system will be available all worldwide by March 2012.

So, is it similar to Gmail’s two step verification? No. While Gmail’s two step verification asks you enter the verification code every time you try to sign-in, Yahoo!’s second sign in verification feature will ask only for suspicious log-in attempts.

How this works?

Once the feature is enabled, any suspicious log-in attempt will be challenged by this new verification system. For instance, if you try to sign-in to your account from a public PC or new browser other than the one that you used to enable second sign-in feature, you have to enter the verification code that will sent to your mobile or you have to answer for two secret questions. So, when someone tries to sign-in to your account, he/she will have to either enter the verification code or answer for secret questions.

How to enable Second Sign-In Verification:

Step 1: Visit this Second Sign-In Verification page and log-in with your Yahoo! ID.

Step 2: You will be taken to Set Up Second Sign-in Verification page where you need to tick  Check this box to turn on the second sign-in verification and then select your county and enter mobile number and finally click Receive SMS to receive the confirmation message to your mobile.

Enable Yahoo Two Step Verification

Step 3: In the next page, you will be asked to enter the verification code that you received via SMS. Enter the code and click Verify Code button. If everything goes well, you will see “Success! “You’ve completed the second sign-in verification setup” message.

Enable Yahoo Two Step Verification Pictuer

In this page, you will see two options:

a. Use either my security question or mobile phone number for verification.

b. Use only my mobile phone number for verification.

Enable Yahoo Two Step Verification Pictuer2

If you choose the first option (Use either my security question or mobile phone number for verification), you will have the option to choose one of the two verification methods to pass when you trigger the second sign-in verification (when you sign in from a new browser). Users who can’t rely on their mobile network can opt for this option. An option is also available to add more than one mobile numbers for one account.

To enable the first option, you will have to select two secret questions and then set answers for them. (Via Techdows)



  1. Timothy lance says

    My number has changed and its been so long i dont know the missing digets to recover my password thankyou . the email im useing is timlance25@gmail. Com for a reply

  2. Ashrita Dryden says

    I cleared off cookies and cache on my desktop and in the process deleted automatic sign in to my yahoo account. When I tried to sign in it showed unknown device loggin in and it sent my log in verification code to my old phone number that is not in use anymore and I had forgotten to update my personal information in Yahoo security account. I am locked out of my yahoo account. What do I do any help will be appreciated?

  3. wale says

    i can not log in into my yahoo account,and the phone number attached to the email account is no longer in use,i open the email account when i was in u.s.a and now i am in there is no way i can get the verification code.plz help me i need to gain access to the email bcus there lots of vital documents in there.

  4. Pearl E White Pen says

    Why users still use to read news papers when in this technological
    wordld everything is available on net?

  5. Nikkor says

    I could not and can not sign in / log in my yahoo email, because my mobile phone# changed a long while ago, and that old number is not in use for a long time, now yahoo email asked me to verify that to my old mobile phone#, no way to do that,

    any help?


  6. Anon Ymous says

    It should be obvious by now that Yahoo is NOT interested in protecting the email users. (Free) users and even paid users are not Yahoo’s real target customers. Users and their habits as well as personal information is what Yahoo sells to advertisers and gives for free to government.

    Thus, users should cut their losses, get a paid or free privacy conscious e-mail service, and dump the yahoos at Yahoo. If you do get access, before you switch, you would have noticed one of the tricks used by yahoo to trap you: you can’t transfer your emails to a new service!

    There is a cure (or two). Google the fix, and use one of the methods to successfully keep your hijacked e-mail before you make the switch. Incidentally, do not merely switch to another of the big ones, as in that case, all you have done is switch one evil for another.

    Best of luck

  7. Leland says

    I successfully started second signin on my yahoo account using my cell number. I have changed my phone number and now cannot get in my email. How do I update to my new phone number?

  8. Tania says

    the 2nd verification code setup isn’t working for me. When I ask it send code to my mobile it keeps coming up that the service is temporarily unavailable & try again later. I’ve been trying for 3 days as I’ve rec’d a notice from yahoo that someone is trying to access my account from Germany. Please help – is there an issue with this service?

  9. Akinbola says

    Please,how can I remove the second sign in verification because I can’t remember the answer to the question that is being asked

  10. Susan says

    I successfully installed second sign in verification for Yahoo Mail on my I phone but after I could not access yahoo mail from my Apple mail program on my MacBook Pro. It seem that there is a final missing step to recognize the sign in when accessing the mail from another device. I had to delete the second sign in in order to access Yahoo Mail on the laptop via Apple Mail.
    Any fixes?

  11. Abebe says

    my phone number is not in the countries that receive sms code so could not the verification code at all. Yahoo is not using the alternative email provided either tp send the code. it is just a hell

  12. Pius says

    Please i can’t find any box to enter the verification code. pLEASE HELP ME BECAUSE MY INTERVIEW LETTER HAS BEEN SENT THROUGH IT

  13. Emily says

    When I type in the verification code that is sent to my phone, I am told it is incorrect. I’ve tried numerous times and it never works!!! I need to get into my email…HELP!!!!!!

  14. Jarnette says

    That verification code NEVER works. I get a 4 digit numerical number, and it does NOT work. I’ve tried signing into my email from home and at the office. I cannot get into my yahoo email AT ALL; verification code sent to my phone number(s) does NOT work, and I am very frustrated. Any help??

  15. ahmad says

    Set Up Your Second Sign-in Verification in yahoo is not working in finland. but in your web site it is written that Set Up Your Second Sign-in Verification system will be available in all over the world from march 2012. But today is 25 Jun 2012. Can you tell me when it work in finland

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