How To Enable/Disable Startup Sound In Windows 8

The startup sound is a sound that Windows makes when you start the computer. While majority of Windows users find the Windows startup sound annoying and turn off the sound, few users love this sound and some users even replace the default sound with a custom one.


Windows 8 users must have noticed that the startup sound is disabled by default. While most users are happy with this change, some users are looking for a way to enable the same. The good thing is that Microsoft has just turned off the sound and one can enable it under Control Panel. If you don’t like the default sound of the startup, you can replace it with your favorite music track.


While replacing default sound scheme is easier in latest Windows versions, changing the startup sound requires editing system file. The sound file can be found in imageres.dll located in system 32 folder in Windows 7 & Windows 8, requires a resource editing tool for the job. Users who can’t manually edit the system file may use a free utility named Startup Sound Changer to replace the default startup sound in Windows 7 and Windows 8.


If you love the Windows startup sound or want to hear your favorite music by replacing the default sound file, follow the given below instructions to enable the startup sound in Windows 8.


Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and select Personalize to open Personalization window.

Enable Windows Startup Sound In Windows 8

Step 2: Click on Sounds to open Sounds dialog. Here you can change the default sound scheme, event sounds, and also enable/disable Windows startup sound.

Enable Windows Startup Sound In Windows 8 Step2

Step 3: To enable the startup sound, tick Play Windows startup sound checkbox and click Apply button. To turn off the same, uncheck the box and then click Apply.

Enable Windows Startup Sound In Windows 8 Step3


If you want to create your own custom sound scheme, use Seven Sound Creator tool. It works fine on Windows 8 as well.



  1. Paul Reing says

    What is odd is that the Windows Startup sound only works when I restart the computer. If I have shut it down entirely and log back on, it doesn’t work, although I wish it would. Any thoughts on why this is so and how to get it to work when I log on? (and yes, the box for “Play Windows Startup sound” is checked)….thanks

  2. CSS says

    Thank you. My computer as this odd issue where when it is started it will hiss louldly until a sound is played through it. I hope this fixes that.

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