How To Sync Internet Explorer History and Favorites In Windows 8

Almost all major web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera lets users sync their bookmarks, passwords, and browsing history across multiple computers. For some reason, Internet Explorer lacks this feature and there aren’t any good tools to do the same.

Fortunately, Microsoft has introduced Sync settings feature in Windows 8 and with the help of this feature, one can easily sync Internet Explorer browsing history and favorites across Windows 8 computes and tablets without the help of third-party tools and services. Complete the below mentioned steps to start syncing Internet Explorer browsing history and favorites.

NOTE: You must have Microsoft account to use sync feature in Windows 8. If don’t have one, you can switch your current local account to Microsoft account by following our how to switch from local account to Microsoft account in Windows 8 guide.

Step 1: Move your mouse cursor to the upper right corner of the screen to see the Charms bar, click Settings, and then click Change PC settings to open PC settings.

Sync In Windows 8 Step1

Step 2: On the left-hand side of PC settings, click on Sync your settings to see all sync related settings on the right-hand side.

Sync In Windows 8 Step2

Step 3: First, enable the option named Sync settings on this PC. Next, under Browser, turn on Settings and info like history and favorites. That’s it! If you don’t want to sync other Windows and account settings such as passwords, language preferences, and app settings simply turn them off.

Sync Internet Explorer In Windows 8 Step5

Sync Internet Explorer In Windows 8 Step3

Users who are experiencing issues with the sync feature can download and run the official troubleshooter to fix sync issues in Windows 8.  You can also sync Windows and apps settings by following our how to sync Windows settings in Windows 8 guide.



  1. lifeisadimension says

    The problem I had with the browse history missing in W 8.1 when right clicking the IE back arrow is now gone. I hope for good. Perhaps an automatic update to W8.1 did it.


  2. lifeisadimension says

    For ID theft security reasons, I now keep all my data on a removable SD card backed up to a memory stick. I can quickly remove that data from whatever PC I use. I use only generic login IDs, though I can’t do that with my Microsoft account, YET.

    I will be able to easily achieve incognito PC status, If you allow my login name on my Microsoft account to be and stay a generic of my choice, AND, if you provide a one click way for me to remove all other traces left of my usage in all the various places, e.g., downloads, etc., in Windows by IE, Windows, and most apps, when I’m ready to sign out of a PC session on my PC or someone else’s.

    That would be rad, awesome, bitchin, cool, fantastic…

  3. lifeisadimension says


    PROBLEM 1: Your cloud syncing of favorites does not fix the problems I’ve had exporting and then re-importing favorites.

    PROBLEM 2: I don’t want to have to establish a Microsoft account to cloud sync favorites, as it requires my PC to always have my name on a log in. For ID theft security reasons I don’t want my name on a log in or anywhere else that is then resident on a PC.

    PROBLEM 3: When I upgraded to W 8.1, I got railroaded by you into establishing such a Microsoft account. Now I can’t find ANY way to change the name on the account to something generic. Every time I change the name from Allen McCready, you take the change, but change it right back to Allen McCready. I would have to delete the MS account to get that login off my PC.

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